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Originally Posted by Carlos2 View Post
And google doesnt mean that this is ilegal or something like this for they?

I asked this because if is ilegal for they, you will go down in the google search position.
I don't see any reason this should hurt your ranking in google's web results.

SEOing for google images is perhaps the easiest thing of all, since few people do it. Their image search has almost nothing to do with their web results. As long as you have descriptive file names, title/alt tags, and complementary content to go with a picture, there's no reason not to rank pretty well in google images. Then you're only one click away from a new unique visitor.

Originally Posted by 4x4 Mecca View Post
I clicked this image
and it showed me the image alone, not the forum page. Is that how it is supposed to work?
Well, if you click on the direct linked image, before the bottom frame has a chance to load the script in the header, you'll go to the deep linked image, but if you wait for one extra second, you should be redirected to the page that the image was found on.

On second thought, you may actually want to add the script above '<!-- CSS Stylesheet -->', so the lower frame doesn't load your CSS file before it redirects.

Originally Posted by hornstar1337 View Post
So there is no problem in using this right? google wont derank you will they? otherwise this is great!

See above.
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