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Ok I very rarely come in here and criticise, but I have to agree with wowway1. I come in here to find modifications for vBulletin for which I have PURCHASED a licence. I personally do NOT wish to see "examples" posted here that involve force-quitting my browser to get out of. Do what you wish with your own sites, but not here. It's NOT funny, and I believe the moderators should remove those links.

Quite apart from the links included by Danny-E and ChU v2 being totally inappropriate, the modification itself is quite unnecessary.

Ever since the introduction of the plug-in system it has been a relatively simple matter to write a plugin that will redirect specific usergroups - or indeed a series of plugins that can redirect different usergroups to different places. I've already pointed this out in another thread here:

With that in mind, I consider this modification to be a waste of space, and clearly of no better value than to permit an opportunity for inconsiderate people to post useless and unwelcome links.
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