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Originally Posted by PoetJA-1975 View Post
BOO! If you don't like it = Don't download it!
A simple concept really - but to put it point blankly - the modifications at are contributed by coders for free - How dare you put down their hard work and sharing with the rest of the vBulletin Community!

Please do not try to imply that I'm ungrateful for the work that is done here at You'll find my thanks in many threads.

Had it not been for the subsequent links posted by the releaser and others, which caused viewers to force-quit their browsers, I would simply have ignored this, since the modification has little merit.

Clearly my assumption that these links were inappropriate has been upheld, since the offending links are no longer present.

One should be aware of their facts before levelling critisicm at others, and had you taken the time to read my own post, which I linked to, you would understand why this particular modification is superficial. I seek no credit myself for simply pointing out a facility that already exists, however I stand by my comments. This modification is simply jumping on the bandwagon to claim credit for something that's already incorporated into the vB software. Any coder who is conversant with the plug-in system would be aware that no modification is necessary, apart from writing the simple plug-in I described, in order to effect redirection after log-in.

For those who feel this is a better way, please give your thanks to the releaser and click the install button. My complaint was based on the subsequent "examples" that were wholly inappropriate for these forums.
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