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Originally Posted by IR15H View Post
Another mod I'm glad to see make it across to vB4 .

A few minor things that I'm not sure count as bugs or requests, none the less;
  1. If when creating a ladder/tournament you don't enter a title and/or description then you get an error message (as expected), however there is no "back" button for the user to navigate away. This also happens in a ladder if you try to set a challenger to challenge themselves.
  2. Editing an announcement/rules automatically adds "edited by", even if the user has "Show edited by note on edited messages?" set to no in their user group options.
  3. The rules page doesn't take up the full width available and has a weird line beneath it.
  4. You can admin-add users to tournaments but you can't to ladders.
  5. "Team Gamertag" doesn't appear to do anything (superseded by "Team Tags"?)
  6. The tournament filters don't search within a category, subsequently if there are relevant tournaments within a category then you can't access them as the link for the category is simply tournaments.php?c=X (ie. without the relevant filter).
I think that's all for now, keep up the good work .
  1. added back link
  2. implemented in next version
  3. fixed in next version
  4. i'll add that in another version
  5. someone feature requested it, i think they wanted to use it as a field for xbox gamertags or something
  6. fixed in next version
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