Thread: New Posting Features - [hide] hack incl post thank you "addon"
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I get this error: Please send a fix

Database error in vBulletin ........:

Invalid SQL:
INSERT INTO bbcode(bbcodeid, bbcodetag, bbcodereplacement, bbcodeexample, bbcodeexplanation, twoparams, title, buttonimage) VALUES (NULL, 'hide', '[hide]{param}[/hide]', '[hide]some text[/hide]', 'With this tag you can hide some text and force members to answer or click the thank you button to see what you\'ve posted.', 0, 'hide', '');;

MySQL Error : Duplicate entry 'hide-0' for key 2
I am having a little break from vB Developing. I am trying to finish my PHP and MYSQL courses for now. I will answer all my PM's if anyone needed help for my products, but only when I can be online on Its great to see new and old developers keeping alive! Thank you all for your support!CM
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