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Originally Posted by scott8539 View Post
I finally got a working script to add a user to vB offline. I maintain a separate Membership System. When a user registers in this separate system, an account is automatically created for them in vB.

When they register (again, this is in my own Member System -- on a different domain), I collect those variables that I need specifically (and minimally) to create an account in vB.

I then cURL those variables to a custom script (called bb_add_user.php) which resides in the root folder of the forum. The results of bb_add_user.php are printed, which are then collected in the result of the cURL. If there are errors, the Membership System takes appropriate action. If successul, then I grab the vbuserid from the cURL result and go about my business.

Although I am still proving this system on a development server, my goal will be to change all of the 'register.php' links on vBulletin and point them to the register script on my Membership System.

Here is the bb_add_user.php code.

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OMFG THANK YOU!!!!!!! I didn't require your entire bb_add_user.php, but just the three require_once calls. If the original creator of this thread had just included these three simple lines it would have saved me hours of banging my head against a brick wall. You are the man!!!
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