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These are great! I've clicked install.

I like the links ones, but I needed something for eBay, so.....

I changed the google and wikipedia one a little bit and got it to work as an ebay search link.
Put your search words in between the tags for a link to do a search on those words.
If you use the actual item number in instead, you get the item's page instead of a search.

Title: eBay
Tag: ebay

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Example: [ebay]Dodge Charger[/ebay] -->> Dodge Charger
Description: Links to search on eBay with search words or directly to item with item number.
Use {option}: No
Button Image (Optional): Not Created

Another example:
[ebay]4598080562[/ebay] gives you 4598080562

Button Image? I don't know. I'll try, but it's a logo so I don't know if it's legal or not.
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