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Started changing some of the phrases this morning as I was creating my first quiz and noticed a couple of grammatical/spelling errors for future fixes....

setting_dbtech_vbquiz_disable_results_field_desc - Showing the word "read" misspelled as "readd"

setting_dbtech_vbquiz_branding_free_desc - Showing the word "license" misspelled as "licence"

setting_dbtech_vbquiz_create_thread_score_desc - Showing the word "an" which should be "a"

setting_dbtech_vbquiz_date_readonly_desc - Showing the words "accidentally" and "erroneously" misspelled as "accidently" and "erronous"

setting_dbtech_vbquiz_timer_background_desc - Showing the word "would" misspelled as "wuld"

dbtech_vbquiz_cat_not_judged - Showing the word "Thank" misspelled as "Thanks"

dbtech_vbquiz_end_before_start, dbtech_vbquiz_img_type, dbtech_vbquiz_start_before_end, dbtech_vbquiz_no_answer_num - Showing the word "browser" misspelled as "browse"

dbtech_vbquiz_info_new_end - Showing the word "soonest" and it should be "nearest"

dbtech_vbquiz_miss_bad_x, dbtech_vbquiz_no_exit, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_admin, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_app, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_complete, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_create, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_del, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_edit, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_judge, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_judge_self, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_no_results, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_posts, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_rep, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_take, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_unapp, dbtech_vbquiz_no_perm_view, dbtech_vbquiz_not_valid, dbtech_vbquiz_recomplete, dbtech_vbquiz_take_not_app - Showing "in error" and it should be "an error" OR it can be "was done in error" instead of "is in error"

dbtech_vbquiz_not_registered - Looks like the 'br' tag is has a comma instead of the bracket '<'

dbtech_vbquiz_req_missing - Showing the word "complete" misspelled as "compelete"

......and two other things on the quiz page. See attached in reference to my questions. Question #1 is about how to change the vBQuiz next to the quiz title (left circle on my image) and Question #2 is that there seems to be something missing on the Quiz Options dropdown.
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