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Originally Posted by Raimund View Post
That's a great Mod! Been searching for something like this for a while.

two bugs? i found

1. that X-Button - in the bar telling you don't have any favourites set yet - is not working, the bar will not disappear unless i put something in the favs.
2. Tabs within a category don't show up, i have to set them as a global tab to appear.

and some request for future versions. is it possible that each user can set a default active tab wihtin the user control panel? and is it possible to have global tabs only without a category set? i only have one category active to show the global tabs.


PS: sorry for my english
Glad you like the mod so far.

Will look into the two bugs, I've an idea what's causing them.

The Pro version does allow for setting a per user default tab in their control panel.

The second idea of having Global Tabs only without a category set I'm not sure of exactly what you mean. The Pro version does allow you to hide the Category Tabs and it will run effectively off the first Category Tab and what AJAX Tabs are assigned to it and the Global Tabs as well. Is that you are wanting?
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