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Attachments showing 0 bytes? Can I replace the attachment folder?

Hi Everyone,

I recently moved one of my vb site to another server.
I found the attachment thumbnails not displaying so i decided to move the attachments from the file system to the db. when i did that, there was no improvments so i moved the attachments back to the file system, when i did that i got this error:

We have completed moving attachments to the filesystem. Presently, the attachments still remain in the database and are being read from there. If you are sure that the process completed without incident, go ahead and select yes below to remove the attachments from the database. This step cannot be reversed and may take a few minutes depending on the size of your database. Please be patient.

Attachments in Database: 13033
Total Attachments Processed: 13033

The above two values should be the same!

Number of Attachments that could not be created or are 0 bytes: 12887
The above value should be 0! Having 0 byte attachments is not uncommon so a few is nothing to worry about but if the number equals the number of attachments in the database then DO NOT FINALIZE this step or you will lose all of your attachments.
Looks like most of my attachments are corrupted somehow?

My question is, i have a backup attachments folder in my pc. If I proceed with finalizing the process and is left with 10% of actual attachments, can i simply upload the backup attachments folder via ftp and be assured the attachments will load on my site? is it that simple?

Thanks everyone!
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