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I just added this and I am having trouble understanding some things:

I have read and saw that you have to merge new users with existing to merge account, that part I get.

But lets say I create a new member or login with my facebook account that is not connected to my forum yet and then I do the bridge.

I have done this and I get no code errors BUT when I make a new post and such I don't see this feature working like in the screenshot..

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I mean everything works, like I said no code errors or log in errors but seems features are missing for me unless I missed something, I read the install.html a bunch of time,.

Also has there been any other work around to the forum full of people and then them wanting to connect their accounts or is the "merge user" still the best option?

Thanks in advance for your support and feedback, here is a screenshot of the feature I dont see

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