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Originally Posted by M4T VW View Post
Many thanks for your reply.
So with your system, Is there a way to have it normally rolling but when a user gets to a certain part of the forum, Only the 1 banner is shown, Not rotating?
The system itself is always rotating, but if you have only one banner for a single situation, only one banner is rotated, thus appears to be static.

In a typical situation you'll have for example a banner on the right of the logo, shown to all visitors, and section specific banners show below the menues. For this scenario you would use location 0 for the header and location 1 for ad_below_navbar. Location 0 banners are many and have no section specific restrictions, while location 1 banners have the sections selected where they may appear. Thus, all sections which have a location 1 banner will show one, the others not, while in the header always be a banner no matter what (unless there is no one in the database).
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