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Upgraded from a older beta version of 5.0.0, many issues along the way. Had to progressively upgrade from 5.0.0 beta 19 to 5.0.0 RC, then to 5.0.1 and finally to 5.0.4. Each time I encountered XML processing issues. After a day of working on this, dropping my database numerous times and dealing with the XML nonsense I finally got into the admincp for 5.0.4 only to find that the channel management is broken and has wiped several of my forum sections.

I had a internal admin section on my forum which went invisible after the upgrade. I then reset the permissions and the forum section disappeared from my forum list in the admincp. I can do a search for permissions (YES/NO list) and I can see the broken/missing sections listed there but I can't see them anywhere else. Very frustrating experience I must say.

3.7.2 was easier to use then this.
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