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I know the site doesn't exist yet and that is cause I am one to plan it all out before I follow through on the process. The last site I had was pretty much a flop cause I didn't really have a plan before building it and just threw what ever into it. This site however will exist in the next week if all goes right.

For the colors of the words, more than likely a white and Seattle blue color. I have 2 themes picked out, so I'd like the wording to match the color of them. Most of the banner I want transparent except for the 2 people (Greer Lynch) & and of course the wording. The themes I am choosing are the VBulletin theme and another one but it's currently not in English, so it may just be the VBulletin theme for now.

The sizes were just a rough guess. If you can get another size to fit, feel free.

Thanks for your time & efforts.
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