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Originally Posted by writerkimba View Post
I've just installed it and I like it. I have a few questions though. Is it possible to change the coding somewhere so the player doesn't come as a pop-up - ie it just replaces the main forum page?
Do you mean having the player on a page of it's own? If that's the case then, it would need to be coded into a misc custom template page, or a new PHP page coded for it. You would also need to change the navbar link accordingly.

I've managed to get the mod working but I've got this on the top of my player window - "Warning!!! To view this Mp3 Player please enable JavaScript and Flash!" Now, I know I have both of them enabled into my browser 'cos I can view dropdown menus and Flash applications. So what am I missing?
A number of issues can cause this - one of the main ones is that you have missed out the js call line - please check the install instructions. If you still cannot get it working please PM me, and I will look at it for you.


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