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Originally Posted by tigrattack View Post

I keep receiving a database error saying:

MySQL Error : Table 'gamingfo_forum.mp3playlist' doesn't exist

I looked and there is not a table by that name and it doesn't get created when I install the xml nor does it get created when I try to upload an mp3...

Any ideas?

I am attempting to install this wonderful player (I've used the 3.6 version before on an old and different forum) on my new forum which I have just created using the old vB3.8.7 rather than vB4 (personal preference).

Having carefully followed the installation instructions and made the template mods, I find that I can't get the player up when I click on the navbar link and I cannot install mp3s using the AdminCP. I get a similar error message as tigrattack above, namely that the mp3 database does not exist. I have tried to create a new database using CPanel but it won't allow me to create a database with a '.' in it, as in 'xxx_xxxx.mp3player'. I haver tried creating one that is simply 'xxx_mp3player but that didn't work either.

Can anyone suggest how I can get around this issue? Or is it simply that this player version 3.6 does not work on vB3.8.7?

Incidentally, does anyone know where Syrus is these days? I note he hasn't posted here for a while and I would like to get in touch with him if he is still around.


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