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Originally Posted by PoetJA-1975 View Post
Site Name: Poetry in Color Forum


Description: Well... 1st of all Poetry in Color aka JPiC Forum For Writers is an online Community where open-minded writers of all ethnicities and backgrounds can freely share in the joy of creating literature. Poetry, Essays, Shortstories, Creative Non-fiction, Book Reviews & much more... We celebrate diversity with the typed word...

Reason for Nomination:We have been online since June 2006 and have done quite well in the niche online writing. We have just celebrated our 2nd anniversary which included the lovely re-design of the Forum as it appears now. Shades of deep burgundy, plum & dusty mauve work very well together and present a unique blend that is easy on the eyes and make for a pleasant browsing experience for our Members and Forum Guests alike. In July of this year - I was notified that JPiC was named as one of the Best Websites For Writers 2008 by the popular magazine Writers' Digest. The Forum was featured in the magazine and on the Writers Digest website. I've posted an interesting thread announcement about the honor at

At anyrate - We have a fabulous Community of talented Artistes, Writers & Poets from all over the world. So I submit JPiC to your BOTM contest in hopes that you too will like what I've done with the Forum.

I have set up a test account for Guests to browse the Forum as if Registered Member, as to see some of the goodies I've added. Simply login with following info:

Username: Forum-Guest
Password: jpicforum

Thanx and Enjoy!

Fourth !!