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Site Name: The Bad Girl Jammie Club!


Description: The Bad Girl Jammie Club (BGJC) is an active, drama-free, community-based website, store, and forum dedicated to those brave souls who prefer to stay in their pajamas all day long, drinking coffee, while making new friends, relaxing, and having fun! **Be active in our community, and get promoted to enjoy the many benefits of being a Bad Girl/Bad Boy!** **NEW FORUMS!!**

Reason for Nomination: The Bad Girl Jammie Club is a "drama-free" community, a fact which the staff and members are very proud of, and have every intention of keeping as such. Because of copyright laws, the BGJC is a not-for-profit website, and all profits on items in the store, a benefit to our users, will go to charity. We are currently talking to the several foundations to see who will be the recipient of the funds. **NEW Members every day! Join in the fun!**
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Site Name: TalkDelaware
Description: The Best Website in Delaware 2007. The hottest place online to meet people and chat in the state.
Reason for Nomination: In it's relatively short existince online TD has won many accolades both locally and on admin sites for it's excellence in foruming, features, looks, and friendliness. We have over 1000 member and 100k posts, this is thanks to the outstanding members and staff that login day after day to make TD a exceptional community like no other with intelligent conversation and fun times to be had by all. Among quite a few BOTM and FOTM wins from various admin communities it was vote "Best Website in Delaware 2007" by the largest news outlet in DE in their Readers Choice Awards.
I second both of these sites!