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Originally Posted by MausEG365 View Post
So i have carefully reviewed each step, and while i will admit to having ADD, i think i followed the instructions...but...

Everytime i post an image, it only shows the 'default' (5F14EE77238) image, or the one that is in the example row when i add a new BB code. Whatever image i put there, like '8514EEA3F52' the default continues to show on each post.

any direction someone can offer?

im sure im looking too deep into this, and its just jumping right at me.
OK I figured this out for someone else, 99% sure you have the same issue... his forum was auto converting his URLs to all lowercase, he had "Prevent Shouting" enabled... you must disable it-
VBulletin Options -> Message Posting and Editing Options -> Prevent Shouting
You can view source of your forum to confirm if the code is in upper case or not.
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