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PWA works differently on iOS.

According to , you will have to look for the Add to Home Screen button in share options.

If you are able to find it, please post some screenshots for other users. I don't have an iPhone to test it out.

What PWAs can do on Android and not on iOS
  • On Android you can store more than 50 Mb
  • Android doesnít delete the files if you donít use the app, but it can delete the files under storage pressure. Also, if installed or used a lot by the user the PWA can request Persistent Storage
  • Bluetooth access for BLE devices
  • Web Share for accessing native share dialog
  • Speech Recognition
  • Background Sync and Web Push Notifications
  • Web App Banner to invite the user to install the app
  • You can customize (a little bit) the splash screen and the orientations you want
  • With WebAPK and Chrome, users canít install more than one instance of a PWA
  • With WebAPK and Chrome, the PWAs appears under Settings and you can see data usage; on iOS everything appears under Safari
  • With WebAPK and Chrome, the PWA manages intents for its URL, so if you get a link to the PWA, it will be opened in standalone mode and not within the browserís window.

What PWAs can do on iOS and not on Android
  • Users can change iconís name before installing it
  • They can be configured in a configuration profile, so corporate users can receive PWAs shortcuts from the company (thatís a good one!). Safari uses the term WebClip for this feature; however it doesnít seem to be reading the Web App Manifest (according to the documentation)
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