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Originally Posted by ScoobyDoo View Post
Thanks for the response Fillip, but I do understand the purpose of a drop-down tab. I asked if it was possible to make the drop-down tab an actual link itself. Is it? Meaning, technically it is a live link if you click on it, and if you just hover it acts as a drop-down.

The way it used to be was when one clicked on 'Forums', the page would load with 'ALL' forums on one page for one to view and scroll through at once if they wished to do so, and so I'd like to 'still' have that functionality without creating a new Tab, because I'd then have 2 Tabs sitting next to eachother both labeled 'Forums'.

Thank you
I don't believe there is a way to make it only a drop-down tab on hover, and that would also not be very touch friendly.

Originally Posted by killslick1 View Post
Mixed problems as well with vBulletin 4.22 / vBNavTabs (Lite) (vB 4.2.0+) 1 1.31

Stops some styles from using fluid or fixed when enabled and otions to add/edit tabs are missing in cp.

Tried many things here still very buggy
Nobody else has reported any similar problems that I can recall, have you tried it in a default (unmodified) style and tried to disable all other modifications?

Support is ONLY available @ our website, not via modification threads, Private Message or email.
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