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Hi Paul,

thanks for the response. I've just used BirdOprey5's Iframer mod to make this static page thing a lot prettier and following your last post I decided to check to see how Guest Manager dealt with this.

When I click through to 'List of Guests' page on my test rig I can see one visitor with 19 logged visits and (because the last page I visited as a guest was the Iframer configured static web-page) the 'Visit Area' shows Iframer with No Data in the 'Visit Information' column. However when I drill down into the 19 visits (on the 'Single Guest Display' page) all it shows is the 'Visit Information' columns and this shows that my last point of contact was 'Viewing Home Page'.

So 'Visit Area' is picking up on the use of Iframer but 'Visit Information' is not. Don't know if any of that is useful to you or not but I, in my sad little way, found it interesting, LOL!
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