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After you finish with this, I suggest you complete the steps in this article if you're looking to max out the speed of your vbulletin.

List of Paid CDN's:

Amazon CloudFront $0.150 per GB. A decent offering from Amazon. But supports origin pull ONLY from Amazon S3 which you have to pay extra.

High Winds CDN $0.075 per GB. One of the cheapest you can get. No POP (point of presence) in Asia Pacific, yet. VPS.NET is reselling this. Original price is $0.50

Cachefly $0.39 per GB ($99 plan prorated). Expensive because it is a monthly plan. Said to be of high performance. Decent POP list. 30day trial available. There is a high volume plan and price can go as low as $0.03.

Limelight Networks $0.22 per GB (PAYG). Similar to CloudFront. You need to keep the files with them. They have $0.01 for each request if your file sizes are smaller than 250kb! Rackspace is a reseller.

Internap $0.18 per GB (250GB plan). They have good coverage around the world. SoftLayer is reselling Internap accounts.

Voxel $0.20 per GB. They have good coverage around the world. Also offers pro-apache support through their extension.

MediaTemple This service is $20/Month. This includes 200GB bandwith/month. If you go over that limit, here is the pricing for that [$.15/GB up to 10TB] [$.10/GB over 10TB]. They claim to be "25% faster in delivering content when benchmarked against competitive CDNs".

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