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Old 09 Jul 2019, 20:31
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Introducing vBulletin Mobile 2.0 for iOS

We're proud to announce vBulletin Mobile 2.0 for iOS devices. Similar to the Android app, the IOS App has been completely reworked with a new modern interface. In addition to this, several changes have been made to the vBulletin Web API to allow for a smoother user experience overall.
Infinite Scrolling

When using the Activity Stream, the app will automatically load the next page of activity when you scroll to the bottom. This will allow quicker access to content on your site.
Privacy Support

The app will support the Privacy Options in vBulletin Connect 5.4.3 and higher. This will allow you to comply with a number of different Privacy Laws. When Privacy is configured in your vBulletin AdminCP, the app will adapt and provide the appropriate UI so that users can provide consent.
Updated UI with Material Design

The UI of the Mobile App for iOS has been updated to use Google's Material theme design.

In Addition to this, the following issues have been resolved:

  • VBI-1432 Modernize mobile app's UI
  • VBI-1511 Build iOS app with at least iOS 12.1 SDK & support all iOS devices.
  • VBI-1514 Port over the privacy feature set
  • VBI-1619 Resource downloading pop up occasionally
  • VBI-1376 Create an iPad friendly UI to make the app a truly UNIVERSAL app.
  • VBI-1516 Port over Push Notification feature
  • VBI-1518 Support RTL translations
  • VBI-1531 Splash screen support for customization
  • VBI-1536 Adjustments to Color customization
  • VBI-1607 Quote doesn't work
  • VBI-1612 Activity wont list out any more item if the first page is empty
  • VBI-1615 Some inline attachments can't be launched in image slide review mode
  • VBI-1616 Blog and Article reload many time when empty comment
  • VBI-1530 Messages: Sent list to use the correct array of recipients
  • VBI-1549 UI/UX - Buttons Accept/Decline require bottom margin/padding
  • VBI-1575 Error Message localization
  • VBI-1608 Hyperlink doesn't get rendered
  • VBI-1609 Internet connection check
  • VBI-1614 Localize string in search item
  • VBI-1620 Increase Title space
  • VBI-1429 Pull to reload the list of in-app notifications
  • VBI-1563 Blogs - Edit button is not displayed on a change of Enable/Disable comments checkbox
  • VBI-1377 App icon doesn't display properly on iPads.
  • VBI-1532 Add support for Google Analystics
  • VBI-1597 Resign embedded frameworks correctly
  • VBI-1334 Search - Search by tag is not working
  • VBI-1452 Crashes on notification checking
  • VBI-1463 App does not clarify to users how/when/why the Camera is used when access to the Camera is required
  • VBI-1473 iphone X compatibility
  • VBI-1508 Stop supporting iOS 8
  • VBI-1513 Sign-in with Facebook broken
  • VBI-1515 Support ads in iOS 2.0
  • VBI-1526 Subscribe star doesn't work
  • VBI-1527 User registration custom fields don't match web app
  • VBI-1534 App crashes after open push notification while the app was killed
  • VBI-1541 Activity screen doesn't work consistently
  • VBI-1543 App crashes when disable comment while creating new Blog & Articles
  • VBI-1544 App crashes - Guest user posting a New Blog
  • VBI-1547 IGNORE button from the list of friend displays an Invalid parameter error.
  • VBI-1548 BAN USER button from the list of friend is not functioning.
  • VBI-1557 Message Post View - Report page is not displaying
  • VBI-1558 Message Post View - Forward is not pre-filling the content of the message.
  • VBI-1559 Message Post View : NO (cancel) option isn't displayed on Delete confirmation
  • VBI-1560 Add Friend option disappeared
  • VBI-1561 Post content doesn't render BBcode correctly
  • VBI-1562 Post content & attached images are out of place
  • VBI-1576 App shows a blank screen loading particular Articles
  • VBI-1585 Inline attachments cut off in Thread's started
  • VBI-1586 Search keyword crashes de app
  • VBI-1591 Articles - Publish status 'draft' and 'scheduled' are publishing now
  • VBI-1592 sub-forums incorrectly load parent channel
  • VBI-1595 Articles - Publish status option on Edit
  • VBI-1598 Articles - Reloading the 'Categories' list preview crashes the app
  • VBI-1605 New Content - Attachment options are not prompted
  • VBI-1610 Inline attachments don't display in Forum's thread
  • VBI-1613 Attached Images don't display in slideshow view
  • VBI-1621 Youtube link doesn't show
  • VBI-1623 Blog content's bad format
  • VBI-1628 Long forum comment got cut off
  • VBI-1485 Post List - Subscribe button changes back after navigating away and back
  • VBI-1498 Blogs & Articles page displays +1 the current page
  • VBI-1525 Thread Prefix doesn't display
  • VBI-1533 Search doesn’t return results from Article content type
  • VBI-1535 Tapping on Avatar anywhere in the app should launch user profile
  • VBI-1537 Calendar List View shouldn't set endperiod
  • VBI-1538 Thread's colored Prefix doesn't show color
  • VBI-1539 Thread title needs to parse HTML entities
  • VBI-1545 Thread prefix doesn't show in Post list
  • VBI-1551 Blog Post with special HTML characters are not displayed correctly
  • VBI-1553 Title/Content Character Limits are not handled appropriately.
  • VBI-1564 Forum - Complete list of prefixes is not displayed on mobile
  • VBI-1566 Title of Forums, Articles, Blogs & Activities shouldn't parse HTML tags
  • VBI-1568 Discard message not appearing in Forums, Articles, Blogs
  • VBI-1569 Articles - min chars in title/content is not handled
  • VBI-1571 Forum & Thread list Pagination strange behavior
  • VBI-1572 Long thread titles overflow
  • VBI-1573 Forum Create Thread shouldn't have Publish status option
  • VBI-1580 Closed Posts - Reply of a Member user displays double errors.
  • VBI-1583 Inline attachments can't load for Articles
  • VBI-1584 Default (blank) avatar doesn't show for Forum comments
  • VBI-1587 extra semi colon in starter post that has no text content
  • VBI-1589 Forums - Tags of maximum chars is not handled properly
  • VBI-1590 Remove Publish status option for new Blogs
  • VBI-1593 Tags - Invalid prefix
  • VBI-1594 Trying to post an article without text content crashes the app
  • VBI-1602 UI/UX - Text content font size is not uniform on Ipad
  • VBI-1631 Create Account Page - Email validation giving incorrect error message
  • VBI-1401 Messages - Tapping Delete does not delete the message
  • VBI-1415 Deleted threads are not dark grey for admins/mods
  • VBI-1416 Thread author text cut off slightly
  • VBI-1422 Home - Default filter label is All Content but shows Forums
  • VBI-1491 Search Results - Articles icon too big
  • VBI-1496 Blog Comments - "Comments are not enabled" text does not appear
  • VBI-1528 Forum rules page (in registration) don't work correctly
  • VBI-1552 Reply restriction for minimum characters is not working properly
  • VBI-1574 Options are not cleared in Blogs & Articles
  • VBI-1577 UI/UX - Edit icon of Blogs, Articles is cut off slightly
  • VBI-1578 Registering a username with length for minimum/maximum characters is not working properly
  • VBI-1588 Forums - reply to post is not entering comments less than 10 chars
  • VBI-1600 Blogs - Mismatch on bubble comments count
  • VBI-1603 Friends - Ads are not positioned at the bottom
  • VBI-1604 Blogs - Missing content error is not displaying
  • VBI-1606 Notifications - User is not redirected to Visitor Message

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