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LoA - Flag Poll Bar Images
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Released: 28 Jan 2008 Last Update: 27 Mar 2008 Downloads: 39
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I've been working on new poll bar imagery for our forums, and I'm going to release some of the sets I've completed if you want to change your poll bar images.

How To:

1) Download and UnZIP

2) Enter your FTP > Forum > Images > Polls

3) Transfer Unzipped folder of images to Polls folder and hit overwrite all


This poll bar set up is of country flags that have stripes and no other imagery in them. Meaning China, Japan, United States, could not be used since they have other imagery in them that doesn't work with the poll bars.

This is the first release of the poll images and will probably only fit a specific genre of boards. Probably political or mainly European, as the images are almost all European countries, the exception being Russia.

I have enclosed 10 images in this set. Dependant upon how many bar colors you use, please choose the images you'd like and simply renumber them for your FTP folder. The countries used are in this order:

1. Austria
2. The Netherlands
3. Hungary
4. Yugoslavia
5. Latvia
6. Luxembourg
7. Estonia
8. Bulgaria
9. Russia
10. Germany
11. Greece - Flags Update 1 ZIP - Requires Template Change

(( I think that might be Yugoslavia's former flag. I can't remember and don't really care. Flags like Egypt for example would have been great to use, but I can't put the lil graphic in the center of the flag, so only a handful of flags were even possible to use for this. ))

This is easily the weakest poll set I did, the flags are hard to see with many colors, and stroking them is impossible since some flags use black, and some white. The images of the flag poll bars can be modified or stroked for your websites needs.

No Live Demo's


See Attached Images - both small and big array, and small and big in application.


Ultima Poll Bar Images
Flat Pastel Poll Bar Images
Gradient Poll Bar Images
The Dark Poll Bar Images
Breakout Poll Bar Images
Bevel Poll Bar Images


Will you add flags to this?

Will you stroke them or add a border for me? No

Why are they 20px in height? Because if I release them at 10px and you opt to enlarge your poll bars similar to I did, vBulletin's expansion will cause lines to appear in certain images. Yet if you use a smaller px in height, such as the normal 10px that is set up in your templates, the images collapse properly with no damage or inconsistency that I noticed.

What if I made my polls a different size in height?
Again, the images work on normal templates using 10px height, there should be no problem here. If you opt to make your poll bar gif image height something odd like 13px or larger than 20px, you might need to look at your images and make sure there is no problems with it.

I want to resize your image, can I?
Yes, if you really feel the need to. But I highly recommend either using the standard 10px in height or 20px to give your polls more of a visual appearance. The 20px amount will not stretch the table.

How do I make my polls taller on the forums?
Go to Admin CP > Styles & Templates > Search In Templates > search for " pollresult " > Choose the pollresult option, NOT pollresults table and NOT pollresults > In the coding there are 3 spots that say 10px, you need to change all 3 to whatever height you want. In my attachments and my board I am using 20px.

How do I make my polls go farther to the right like yours?
That requires a PHP coding change, I'd just wait until vBulletin repairs it and releases it for 3.7 or something else. If they don't and if you want to know right now, then ask me. Remember you change your PHP files at your OWN risk.

How did you get 10 different poll options to show?
This requires a PHP coding change as well, and it really isn't necessary for everyone. 5 options is probably good, and normal forums come with 6, if you want to know I could tell you, but again you changing those documents is at your OWN risk.

Looks good, but I'd like to rearrange there order, how do I do that?
Simple, you need to renumber them and don't change the file name. So if you want bar3-l to be in the number 2 location, rename it bar2-l. L means left side, R means right side, and just the bar3 for example means the middle section that naturally expands on the poll display.

Terms of Use

These images can be used by licensed owners of vBulletin only.

They cannot be sold or be included in an original design by a company that makes skins/styles for forums/websites.

These images are not to be redistributed on any other site other than

Copyright Legion of Angels 2008

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.


Click image for larger version

Name:	smallia.jpg
Views:	194
Size:	14.6 KB
ID:	75046   Click image for larger version

Name:	bigia.jpg
Views:	206
Size:	14.0 KB
ID:	75047   Click image for larger version

Name:	smallarray.jpg
Views:	317
Size:	32.7 KB
ID:	75048   Click image for larger version

Name:	bigarray.jpg
Views:	240
Size:	30.8 KB
ID:	75049  

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Old 26 Feb 2008, 13:20
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Can you add a Greek one? Europe without Greece? lol
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Old 26 Feb 2008, 19:34
legionofangels's Avatar
legionofangels legionofangels is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Yeah Greece is cool, I didn't go by choice on these at all, I actually went on lack of choice as only so many flags were striped. Then I noticed a bunch were European and a few were other countries of the world.

It is possible to do a Greek one, but I can't do it until I get home from work. The real issue with using the stripes was that it was easy for them to retain a good look while being stretched by the poll. Greece can be done but I highly recommend you adjust your Template for Pollresult so that the cross on the Greece flag looks good.

The images natural form is 3 x 10, 1 x 10, and 3 x 10 for pixels. Even a small Greece flag would require 5 x 10, 1 x 10, and 5 x 10. The only real difference is that when there are 0 votes, your poll bar will look chubbier than the others, but who knows, it might look good.

So I'll make one tonight if you are willing to do that template change, if not I can still do it, but I don't think you'll like it. The cross will look very tiny and will not fill the accurate amount of space that it does on the Greece Flag naturally.

EDIT: Unable to fill request until I get a new home computer, Motherboard is ruined and laptop doesn't have Photoshop. Sorry, I'll post it when I can get it done.

Christian discussion, support, & fellowship

Last edited by legionofangels; 27 Feb 2008 at 17:32.
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Old 27 Mar 2008, 00:53
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Ok Flags Update 1 ZIP will have the flags, including Greece. However due to the cross on Greece's flag, you absolutely have to change the template so that it looks good. If you don't the cross will most likely look distorted.

Go to Admin CP > Styles & Templates > Search In Templates > search for " pollresult " > Choose the pollresult option, NOT pollresults table and NOT pollresults > In the coding there are 2 spots that say 3px, you need to change both to 5px.

You will need to do this to each of your styles templates, or to the parent one so that it changes all the child styles templates as well.

So you should be using width 5 and height 10, you also have no option to use a larger height, as doing so will stretch the cross vertically too much.

Hope this helps.

Legion of Angels

Christian discussion, support, & fellowship
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Old 15 Apr 2008, 18:57
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Real name: Daniel
Very nice, thanks dude =)
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Old 02 May 2008, 10:07
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Thank you very much
Forum Nokia
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Old 02 May 2008, 17:07
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Originally Posted by Tharos View Post
Very nice, thanks dude =)
Originally Posted by Jasem View Post
Thank you very much
You're welcome.

You're welcome.

Very surprised that people like the Flag polls over the other one's. Not what I expected, but I'm glad they work for some people.

Christian discussion, support, & fellowship
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