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Old 10 Feb 2005, 16:11
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Suggestions for future version

This will cover everything I get as feature requests.
Please don't suggest anything that will completely revamp a large part of the hack, as the hack WILL be completely revamped already. For more information, click the 3rd ETA in my signature. It will be updated as I have information.

bold text signifies a completed feature.

Completed features
These features are complete, and can be found in the latest version.
  • "No Challenges" option in Headquarters
  • +/- 10 % Randomised Fist/Weapon/Spell damage
  • Monster Arena (AI Bots)
  • Minimum postcount to participate in RPG (Admin setting)
  • Update stats after confirm end of battle

RPG Integration Hack v3.5 / v4
All of these features will appear in the version listed 2nd in my signature.
  • Skills System 1)
  • Effects System 2)
  • Gaining Gil after Monster Battle
  • Ability to add text along with an image for Clan Signature
  • Ability for Clan Members to attach the Clan Signature to their Forum Signature
  • Multiple Clan Ally/Clan Enemy
  • Per-usergroup permission to participate in RPG
  • Revamped Itemshop
  • Cache system for query efficiency
  • Critical Hits in battles
  • More intelligent Monsters
  • Better Class limiting options (Race-unique Classes)
  • Class-specific Clans
  • Clan Creation limitations (admin configurable)
  • Limit of Lottery Ticket purchases per user
  • Better Clan Permissions editing
  • Option to verify a member wanting to join Clan
  • Clan Member ranks with standardised permissions
  • Option for a cap of level/stats

RPG Integration Hack - Reloaded - AKA RPG-NG
These features represent something I really want in the RPG, and therefore will make their appearance even if it's the last thing I do. In the 3rd ETA though.
  • Skills System v2 3)
  • Clan Tournaments
  • PvP (Person versus Person) tournament
  • Clan Wars
  • Randomly find items while browsing forums (will be limited by the use of postcount check)
  • Randomly encounter monsters while browsing forums (will be user level setting, restricted by postcount and last battle time joint check)
  • Clan Hall of Fame
  • Option for users to deny there ever being an RPG hack installed on the forum
  • Synthesis Shop (Item Upgrades)
  • RPG type change at level up
  • Item Donate
  • Multiplayer PvP Battles
  • Multiplayer Monster Battles

"Too Expansive" or in other ways hard to accomplish
These features may or may not make their appearance, but only in the 3rd ETA of my signature.
  • Character Creator. Reason: I don't know GD coding.
  • Farming. Reason: Having trouble grasping the coding and visual aspects of this, plus got tons of higher priority things to do.

Denied feature suggestions
Lets face it, these features either suck or are completely unacceptable because of performance issues.
  • Rename Purchased Items. Reason: SQL query intensive, plus it would make it hard to distinguish between items.
  • Active flash visuals on the battle screen. Reason: I know bugger all flash, plus Im sure it would be somewhat intensive, plus it requires plugin installation by end-user.
  • Secondary weapon to replace fist. Reason: Fight honorably, and don't be a pussy that is afraid of breaking a nail.
  • Firearms to equal Magic for non MP users. Reason: I choose to call it something else, so there will be no shotguns
  • Persons being challenged cannot deny the challenge. Reason: I dislike forcing things upon users, challenges being the worst.

  1. A "Skills" system will replace some of the functions currently handled by the RPG. Spells is an example of this. An administrator will be able to configure various Skills based on different categories. More details will be revealed at a later point.
  2. An "Effects" system is basically a way of enhancing the Skills. Whereas Skills may deal raw damage (such as a Limit Break, or Fire 3), additional "Effects" may also apply. Cast Regen to allow your HP to regenerate slowly. Use a Weapon Skill called for instance "Boost" which enhances your next attack by 15%. The possibilies are endless.
  3. The Skills system will have to be revamped for the RPG-NG, because of the fundamental changes to the core stats being introduced in this version.

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Old 18 Dec 2005, 15:26
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This post is a blatant bump to bring attention to the fact that the list has been revised and some explanations added.
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