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Check Proxy RBL on New User Registration. Details »
Check Proxy RBL on New User Registration.
Mod Version: 4.1, by DaNIEL MeNTED (Member) DaNIEL MeNTED is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.6.2 Rating: (23 votes - 4.65 average) Installs: 280
Released: 18 Nov 2006 Last Update: 22 Dec 2007 Downloads: 1231
Not Supported Uses Plugins  

Check Proxy RBL on New User Registration Version 4.1

Version 4.1 includes remains unchanged from version 4.0 with the exception of a code fix to deal with an SQL injection security hole in the code.

What does this hack do?

Hooking in at register_addmember_process and register_addmember_complete this hack compares the IP address of the person registering with the Realtime Block List(s) of your choice. Based on your configuration the RBL Checker will then perform one of these actions:
  1. Nothing, the registration continues as normal.
  2. Registration continues as normal, but the user is automatically moved into the "Pending Moderation" group of your choice.
  3. Registration continues as normal, but the user is automatically permanently banned.
  4. Registration is blocked, an error message is displayed to the user.
Please Note: It is strongly recommended that you configure PM or Thread based notification so that you may monitor registrations that are from IPs that are a positive hit on the RBL. Especially if you configure the checker to allow registrations to complete normally.

These options are configurable in AdminCP > Options > DM-RBL Check on Registration.

Why Block Proxies?

Banned and Spammers users often get around IP bans by simply using an open proxy - of which there are thousands - to get around the IP ban. Very few legitimate users slow their surfing by using an anonymous proxy.

How do you Install?
  1. Create a user from which PMs, Posts, etc. will be generated.
  2. In your adminCP obtain values for the "banned" and "pending moderation" groupIDs (Defaults are 8 and 4).
  3. Install the attached product.
IMPORTANT NOTE:You must specify a username if you plan on configuring the AUTOBAN or NOTIFICATION options. Otherwise you WILL get errors.

What is the default config?
By default the RBLChecker will check the IP of a new registration, allow registration to complete, but add the new user to the "COPPA Members Awaiting Moderation" usergroup. You can then approve/reject those members depending on whether you think they are/aren't spammers/trolls.

You can modify the settings in the AdminCP to Ban or Block as you like.

Hack History:

Version 4.1
- Fixed SQL Injection security hole.
- Fixed some minor typos in automatically generated messages.

Version 4.0
- Added ability to specify error reported on blocks.
- Added ability to specify ban reason and custom title.
- Added ability to move users to "pending moderation" group if registration is allowed.
- Updated list of RBLs checked based on testing with lists of "anonymous" proxies.
- Fixed IP address of Notification Posts equalling IP of blocked user. (Now Notification IP =

Version 3.2
- Fixed typo causing blocked registrations to be reported as allowed.

Version 3.1
- change in variable name in v3.0 broke RBL checking. Corrected error.
- match notification now includes the name of the RBL that matches the IP.

Version 3.0
- plugin now fires at "register_addmember_process" allowing the user to completely fill in the form.
- Added the ability to specify more than one RBL.
- Added option to specify whether registration is blocked or allowed to complete.
- Added option to automatically ban registrations that are allowed to complete but have a positive IP match.
- Added option to specify user who is "notifier".
- Added option to specify a forum where a notification thread will be created.
- Added option to supress notification PM / Thread when an IP matches blacklist or known proxy list.
- Added customized error codes for notifications - notification now indicates whether a registration IP has matched the RBL, blacklist, or predefined list of anonymizers.
- Reworded Phrases.
- Removed 10.x.x.x IP from known proxy/anonymizer list.

version 2.0
- Added configuration options under vboptions > DM-RBL Check on Registration.
- Added PM on Block.
- Added option to select RBL.
- Added Custom Whitelist.
- Added Custom Blacklist.
- Added list of free proxies.
- Changed default RBL to
- Added option to enable/disable checking.

version 1.0
- added plugin to check against
- added custom phrase to be reported as error on registration start.

Using this Hack?
If you install this hack please click "Installed" to receive updates.

If you find this hack useful you can always hit that paypal button too...

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Old 22 Jan 2009, 22:35
MadKad's Avatar
MadKad MadKad is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Real name: Mad Kad
any ideas why i might be getting double posts of blocked ip's that are the same?

this does ban the ip that is bad so that they cant even tryto register doesnt it?
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Old 23 Jan 2009, 05:24
TMM-TT's Avatar
TMM-TT TMM-TT is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Real name: Tomas
Originally Posted by ShackMaster View Post
Uninstalled... it is causing me loads of unnecessary work. Since last night it has sent almost 20 legitimate users to moderation queue.

Either the program is faulty or the black lists are incorrect... either way it gets a big thumbs down from me.
Hm, yes, I have'nt checked this mod out deeper, but it actually seems that it is resolving all ip's every time someone visit the page. If it is like that, bigger forums will definetively suffer heavy load. Take a look at this one instead, and see if that mod can solve your problems.
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Old 12 Feb 2009, 01:58
AWJunkies AWJunkies is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Real name: Adam
Does this or will there be a 3.8.1??
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Old 12 Feb 2009, 09:28
Alfa1's Avatar
Alfa1 Alfa1 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
I would like to know this too.
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Old 15 Feb 2009, 20:01
RedDevil's Avatar
RedDevil RedDevil is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: Steve
I have had this on for a while, works well only problem I am having is the posts it generates are put in moderation cue, im currently running VB 3.8.1 on a small forum.

Does anyone know why this is happening, other than this works perfect. blocks the spammers and informs use all be it moderated.
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Old 15 Feb 2009, 23:31
sexgosex sexgosex is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
is that work with 3.8 0 ?
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Old 21 Mar 2009, 23:41
Damien001 Damien001 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
is this compatible with version 3.8
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Old 22 Mar 2009, 00:14
StevenTN StevenTN is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Nashville, TN
Real name: Steven
I am still using it no problem with vB 3.8.1 PL1.
My vB site - a growing community since 2001
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Old 28 Mar 2009, 12:03
Damien001 Damien001 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
is this still being supported by the developers or has it died.

IF no-one running with it might ahve enough time to take it over and work in it

Also i suggest if its still being supported using the service offered by as they have a black list of web based trouble makers. However with the current forrm of this mod its not compatible
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Old 28 Mar 2009, 12:50
skippybosco skippybosco is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
This is still in use on my board no problems.

If you are looking for an alternative, I highly suggest Stop Forum Spam which is working great for VB.

Last edited by TheLastSuperman; 28 Aug 2011 at 18:48.
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Old 07 Apr 2009, 13:06
gsk8's Avatar
gsk8 gsk8 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2003
How about 3.8.2? I really liked this....
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Old 12 Sep 2009, 12:16
[email protected] enemy@fps is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
thank you

i hope the ++++ing drugs spammer will keep away now
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Old 12 Sep 2009, 13:18
TMM-TT's Avatar
TMM-TT TMM-TT is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Real name: Tomas
Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
thank you

i hope the ++++ing drugs spammer will keep away now
Probably only if they are using proxies and most of the time, such spammers don't. Otherwise normal proxycheckers may be unusable. But there's a solution since Tornevall ( are now working together with "StopForumSpam".

Adding to the list of rbl's should hopefully help here. I don't know if this plugin supports bitmasking? Just to lower the risk of false positives.

Almost 20000 spamhosts has been added to the blacklist, since 2009-07-16.

"2009-07-16: Administrative access makes it possible to add own hosts - initiating coorporation with Stop Forum Spam"
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Old 25 Mar 2010, 15:47
irishblacknight irishblacknight is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Does anyone know if this plugin is compatible with VB4?
European Hosting | Blog|Movie Chat
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Old 25 Mar 2010, 20:56
TMM-TT's Avatar
TMM-TT TMM-TT is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Real name: Tomas
The proxychecker itself should be compatible since it's all about resolving ips from blacklists, but it's not sure that the rest of the plugin is (like errormessages etc). I haven't actually tested it myself yet, but I'm working on it.
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