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Old 19 Dec 2006, 02:25
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Tigratrus Tigratrus is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Another nod to the vbGeek and GARS

We've spent a LOT of time digging into the options and finally settled on a system combining vBulletin, GARS, GAL, vBlogetin and vBGallery. We may use vBa CMPS as well, but it's not the mainstay of the system, vBulletin + GARS is. GARS is incredibly powerful once you get into it and figure out how it works. Check it out at It's amazing what you can do with it.
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Old 21 Dec 2006, 06:28
CSS59 CSS59 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
vb advanced is the only thing i can tolerate, but still need a lot of work to give a page a more professional feel
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Old 27 Dec 2006, 15:43
msimonds msimonds is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Real name: Mike Simonds
I am willing to share my custom CMS if anyone is interested

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Old 25 Jan 2007, 21:12
acitrano acitrano is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Originally Posted by Tigratrus View Post
I have to agree. My partner and I were just talking about this, we too have been searching for a CMS system to integrate with vB, and would be willing to pay a reasonable sum to get something flexible and **reliable**.

vBulletin should be aware that more and more people are jumping on social networking and lightweight forum systems integrated in CMS' like Joomla/Drupal. vBulletin is the reigning king of forum software, but they are (IMO) in some danger of getting caught in a smaller and smaller market segment as the CMS forum system become more and more capable.

Either fish or cut bait. Build an effective CMS to go with vBulletin, or commit to providing reliable integration systems for the big dogs in the CMS arena. That way folks would feel comfortable using vBulletin WITH Joomla and havng the best of both worlds. We've bought one of the bridges for vB Joomla ($50) but I'm NOT feeling comfortable with the fact that it doesn't work under 3.6.4 atm. Thinking about getting stranded with an inability to upgrade my vBulletin because the Bridge vendor dropped support for newer versions of vB makes me queasy...

At this point I think we've decided to drop joomla, and go back to using vbGeek's GARS system and some customized image handling to build the article system we need. vbGeek's stuff is very cool...

Fully agree with the sentiments herein (and the whole thread.) A full year later and cyburbia's list of options and his take on each is still very accurate.

vBulletin is the best; they need to seize a commercial opportunity and offer a CMS add-on. I have been struggling with this - for the moment have settled on vbPortal as a way forward - but it's inelegant and not easy (and the template edits are just the beginning...)

Would love to see JelSoft offer something more tightly integrated. As many have said, my money is ready.

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Old 25 Jan 2007, 23:31
ryans ryans is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
My CMS system will be done in a few weeks. It will let you select a usergroup from VB and make them authors for you main site. When it is done i'll post up the url.
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Old 14 Feb 2007, 16:17
vbpenguin vbpenguin is offline
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IPS Is A Bad Company To Go With

Originally Posted by -=Sniper=- View Post
amykhar; I don't mind of the cms is made by a third party or by jelsoft, so along as its a quality product. invision's power dynamic looks good, I'm sure I saw a quicktime movie showing you could have articles etc
IPS (Invision Power Services) is not really a company that you would want to go with. I am fine with companies charging a fee for product upgrades, but they go a little overboard. They charge 6 month update fees, which is just not fair. You end up paying a lot in maintenance a year compared to Vbulletin. I am sure they have a new licensing scam for IPDynamic will be just as bad, if not worse.
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Old 25 Feb 2007, 03:11
jasbell jasbell is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Lightbulb This has got to be the thread of the year!

Thank you Cyburbia, and ALL of you for discussing this angle. Its funny because I am really looking for a "group centered" online community platform. It just happens that ANY social network has got to include a forum, and VB is the leader. There are other alternatives, but when you look at whats in the admin console alone, its obvious that the VB people have been paying close attention to users for the last 4 years.

I started by looking for a CMS (CMS Matrix), soon decided on Drupal and began looking for forum plugins etc. Problem was developers had to know Drupal in an out to do the careful surgery thats required in really doing what you want with it. EX: The equivilant of "User CP" in Drupal sits in a menu that to move into another menu would require careful surgery. I know because I ran into this with a major Drupal developer. I figured, "screw this", there has got to be something better that is farther along.

I then considered online offerings, many of which were free and had forums: These were limited because I couldn't control the "branding", couldn't track users, couldn't customize the profile info, and most were "individual centric" as opposed to "group centric". All of them put a ceiling on how well you were able to reach and expand on your constituency.

Then I ran into this posting (see Gideon Marken comment) a month ago and went on a new tangent. After further searching I cam up with this list for "do-it yourself" social networking software:

Many of these were 10-15k per yr. Some were $300 + a yearly upgrade fee. Some were either free or $300/month but they put advertising on your site and shared advertising revenue. Some were reportedly buggy and working on developing a brand new system. 97% OF THEM DID NOT EVEN RETURN MY REQUEST FOR INFORMATION AFTER SUBMITTING A REQUEST TO THE SALES SEPT. (Imagine what their support would be like).

In the end I decided to try PhpFox, which was economical ($300), no questions money-back within 30 days, and seemed to have all that I needed. After doing some searching I started to read a lot of complaints about them. Within days I realized that a tree was more responsive, and that their user profile was not really customizable by any reasonable expectation. After 10 days of futzing around I got my money back only after having to call my credit card company to file a dispute.

I had thought of VBulletin in the past however, but wanted more than a Forum. I had knew that they were the leader and had a powerful platform. I was looking for the capability of customizable profiles and a forum. It turned out that VB had even more, and actually 90% of what I needed. I just want to brand and customize it.

This leaves me where you all are now, and where I am as well. How do I extend VB, use its powerful control features, authentication, authorization, and build the rest of my community around it? I now need an invitation mechanism as well, and I am having a hard time with that decision.

I am willing and interested to share my experiences with ANY of you, and I would like to be able to speak with any of you regarding your specific experiences with VB add-ons, products, hacks, integrations, and ESPECIALLY APPROACHES..

If interested in any of this please send me a PM with your contact info...I prefer Skype.


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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:10
RedGTiVR6 RedGTiVR6 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Real name: Jan
I'm desperately looking for a solution to integrate vBulletin, Joomla, and......COMMUNITY BUILDER!

Why is this so hard? Of the 4 pages or so I've done in the past few years, this has been the holy grail of ideas for sites for me...yet nothing seems to be out there....
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:13
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mclark2112 mclark2112 is offline
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Real name: Matt
I am about to go with Joomla! for the front end, and I think I will have to go with bbPixel for the integration, but what does community builder give you? I never really understood that module. It seemed to do things we can already do with vB.
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:22
RedGTiVR6 RedGTiVR6 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Real name: Jan
community builder allows your users to create a more indepth profile.

for instance, a user specific gallery, blogs, more detailed user information. I suppose you can do much of it with plug-ins in Joomla....
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:27
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mclark2112 mclark2112 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Real name: Matt
OK, I use vB, Photopost Gallery, and the vBDrupal for the blogs. I use vB as the heart of my site, Everything else must plug into it. I think there are some hacks to have a more user controlled profile in VB, so community builder may not be for me, but a good simple integration would be the best.
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:36
RedGTiVR6 RedGTiVR6 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Real name: Jan
I'd be interested in some hacks for user profiles in vbulletin...guess I'll start looking!
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:42
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mclark2112 mclark2112 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Real name: Matt

this is the one I wanted to try. And it should work with 3.6
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Old 01 Mar 2007, 17:58
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Invalid ID Invalid ID is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Wahab Hameed
I really wonder why too
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Old 09 Mar 2007, 09:53
Keyz Keyz is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
There is currently a very promising project called Drupaltin, to integrate Drupal and vBulletin in a fully modular way (e.g. no hacks to the core of either Drupal or vBulletin). It's currently an alpha release, but already working terrifically in my tests. I've been following it closely myself and trying to help as much as I can. It's for Drupal 5 (probably not 4.7), supports seamless bi-directional account management, and has a great feature roadmap.

If any of you have tried out Drupal in the past and didn't like it, I suggest you give it another look now - version 5 is exponentially better than all of the previous versions. If you need a good kick-start on learning a bit about Drupal, here's a thread I wrote the other day that lists a number of helpful resources (including articles, lessons, screencasts, etc). I also wrote a thread comparing the current 3 Drupal+vBulletin integration options. Drupal's recently been used to make a number of high profile sites such as so it's really stabilizing as a great platform for community-centric and social networking sites.

Anyhow, I will be building a pretty large site around this solution (converting my current forum of 18,000 members), have spent months researching and planning it, and it looks like it's going to be "the one" I've been searching for. If anyone would like to head over to the Drupaltin site and offer their feedback and help then that would be excellent (I'm not the developer by the way - just a member interested in seeing the project completed). If you can, check out the plans for upcoming features, and if you have knowledge in those areas, lend a hand

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