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Ain - Advanced Google AdSense Details »
Ain - Advanced Google AdSense
Mod Version: 7.0, by al3bed (Member) al3bed is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (50 votes - 4.64 average) Installs: 486
Released: 17 Feb 2009 Last Update: 16 Oct 2009 Downloads: 3739
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits Auto-Template Additional Files Re-usable Code Translations  

peace on you

work on vBulletin 3.8, 3.7 and 3.6 latest Versions
remember to click Mark as Installed if you use this modification.

please do not nominate this mod in any case
and in case become in MTOM please do not vote for it
and in case won the MTOM do not worry they will kick it out because of the two lines above

About this hack:
Advanced Ads for famous Google adsense program (for the program, click here) are now very high-class show in all pages of your forum, many options to offer more than a way of advertising in all pages. this product contains group of main features:
  • Google adsense Manager: system to add, edit and display adsense in your vbulletin forum
  • adsense revenue share: share with admins, friends or users
  • rotate ads: rotate adsense with other ads

why this is better than "Google AdSense Integration" feature:
Google AdSense Integration have only specific packages. And these packages have no options.

but let's take a look on Advanced Google AdSense features

Main features:
  • you can add adsense ads info into your database then call them by variables.
  • You can exclude or add forums, users, usergroups or ips from display ads to them.
  • practicability to show ads in specific locations with tables and borders or css divs.
  • practicability to choose best alignment to show your ads.
  • practicability to add extra ads under side left/right adsense ads.
  • with adsense share you can specifying how many post should user reach, percentage of share and either you want to share users or admins.
  • practicability to show adsense for search in popup forum search menu in navbar.
  • practicability to use old style of adsense code and use it with your fourm.
  • practicability to rotate adsense ads with other program ads for example like bidvertiser.
  • practicability to add specific ads for specific forum.
  • very high classifying options to show your adsene in different locations.

First: admincp options

Second: google adsense manager
Third: display options pages

Install/upgrade the product:
- upload file cpnav_ain_adsens.xml inside includes\xml (replace it if you are upgrading from 6.0)
- Import product-ain_adsens.xml file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product] (Allow overwrite if you are upgardeing)

How to use it:
  1. after installation/upgrade go to your forum admin control panel (main page) and check out if your publisherid is empty or not. if it is, ads will not work until you update it. please visit ads setup options page to update it.
  2. in ads setup options, click on the link in the second option. you will be redirected to ads units system to ad your ads. from there you can delete, update or preview your adsense codes. if you planning to use adsense share it's better to add custom adsense unit.
  3. any ads already in your list, you can use it in any template. if your ad unit id is 5 and you want to display it in header template. you can go to header then add this code:
    Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
    Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

    this in case you want to do it by yourself.
  4. in case you want to display your ads by the avilable option, go to Display options then click on the link you want to edit options in it. for example, you want to mange your adsense ads in forum home page. after you enterd the page, you have to choose locations where you want to show your ads. then on each location you choosed there are place to put ad id you preferd to that location. finally save and enjoy
  5. if you want to exclude users, usergroups, forums or ips you can do it from main options. you will need to take a look on options there.
  6. adsense share is completely optional, if you want to enable sharing take a look on Adsense Share options and if you still have questions I will be here to help if possible.

  • v1.0 - not released beta.
  • v2.0 - first release for 3.7
  • v3.0 -
    • coordinating options in admincp.
    • options to display ads as links unit.
    • option to use css tables with ads.
    • add new option to display ads under first post only.
    • add new option to display ads beside the first post.
    • options to display ads in search result page.
  • v4.0 -
    • enhance tables show position when tables option checked.
    • add option to display ads left hand side in forumhome.
    • add option to display ads left hand side in forumdisplay.
    • new options to show link units ads.
    • new option display ads between post after x post.
    • add member profile page to 'show ads in different pages' option.
    • enhance codes & templates to work perfect with board.
  • v5.0 -
    • add option to show ads on side for showthread page.
    • new options to show ads on albums.
    • new options to show ads on social groups.
    • new option to exclude users id from showing ads.
    • option added: change phrase that shows beside ads
    • option added: to auto reload ads every x sec.
    • option added: to choose best direction to show vertical ads
    • enhance and fixed some codes in templates & plugin.
  • v5.1 -
    • fixed bug in code of reload ads every x sec
    • fixed problem with display ads between posts
  • v5.2 -
    • option added: exclude or add forums
    • option added: exclude or add groups
    • bug fixed: ads not showing to gusts
    • bug fixed: exclude forums problems
    • all permission are enables on archive
  • v6.0 -
    • divide options in ACP, create cpnav file
    • options added for adsense revenue share
    • option added for alignment ads in pages
    • options added to create old adsense unit
    • options added for rotate ads
    • option added to include ads in each forum
    • option added for google adsense search box
    • options added to choose different ads to show for each ads group
    • options added to choose type of cincturing for each ads group
    • codes enhanced, variable for ads available to use in any template
  • v7.0 -
    • divide adsense share in new group options, edit cpnav file
    • option removed auto refresh option
    • option added to exclude ip addresses
    • adsense share: option added to share revenue with admins, friends or users
    • adsense share: auto build new field for users
    • new system to add ads info into database table
    • extra ads to display under side left/right ads
    • another field to add code for rotate stuff
    • new pages for display options
    • options removed links ads and search page
    • extra options to dispaly ads in archive

Please post your comments or suggestions for this hack.
Thank you for supporting this modification, donate to make this mod even better
don't forget to Click to Mark as Installed


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Old 23 Jul 2009, 22:49
tahrim's Avatar
tahrim tahrim is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Please somebody Help otherwise my user will kill me
my user got only Page impressions they haven't got any click.. and there Earnings is 0
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Old 25 Jul 2009, 04:13
havard20009 havard20009 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
hello guys
i have problem with google ad
i used this mode for google ad.
i used banner and leaderboard for my forum.
now what is my problem ???
adv it do sent change to my forum in every where is same i used Text and image ads for leader board and image for banner
what can i do ???
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Old 28 Jul 2009, 15:52
cbehan cbehan is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Where's the promised update?
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Old 28 Jul 2009, 19:01
avsunforum avsunforum is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
update sorry Monday 25 July, 2009
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Old 28 Jul 2009, 20:05
nibbler12345 nibbler12345 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Hmm, there is no Monday 25 July, 2009

25th July 2009 is Saturday ;o
Anyone know any news if dev still active?
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Old 28 Jul 2009, 20:27
Rvl Rvl is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Real name: Dogancan
don't work admin panel why? :S
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Old 28 Jul 2009, 23:32
manning manning is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Is there a line of code that could be placed in custom vb pages so that the ads would display? Is that where the variables [$ain_leaderboard] etc would be used? EDIT - FIGURED THIS ONE OUT

Also, how exactly does the rotate ads work? What if I have leaderboards, banners, and squares set up in different locations, yet I only want to have banners rotate? Doesnt seem to be enough control currently to prevent leaderboards from rotating with smaller size ads...

Last edited by manning; 29 Jul 2009 at 00:25.
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Old 03 Aug 2009, 10:03
Swapnil Swapnil is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Nice mod I appreciate your work but still contains bugs.

Displaying more than 3 slots on page is against Google TOS.So special care is been taking while using this mod to prevent more than 3 been displayed!
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Old 18 Aug 2009, 02:11
guru1221 guru1221 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2009
got this error when i improt xml file

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

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Old 17 Sep 2009, 02:31
yahoooh yahoooh is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
is there adsharing for users in thier own blog ?
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Old 21 Sep 2009, 10:49
profanitytalker's Avatar
profanitytalker profanitytalker is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Old 27 Sep 2009, 21:32
webcosmo's Avatar
webcosmo webcosmo is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
I installed the mod on my forum. Problem is on the forum display I see one blank row at the beginning and one at the end.

Any solution to get rid of those?
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Old 12 Oct 2009, 08:13
Join Date: Jul 2008
What are the Portal Output Global Variables so I can intergrate this into vbAdvanced?
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Old 12 Oct 2009, 21:57
Switch3130's Avatar
Switch3130 Switch3130 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Edit: Resolved myself.

Last edited by Switch3130; 14 Oct 2009 at 06:56.
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Old 13 Oct 2009, 00:28
matthewhotdude matthewhotdude is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
get errors on every page now

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; GTB5; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; InfoPath.2; OfficeLiveConnector.1.3; OfficeLivePatch.0.0; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; MSN OptimizedIE8;ENGB)
Timestamp: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:27:52 UTC

Message: Expected ';'
Line: 313
Char: 33
Code: 0

Message: Expected ';'
Line: 866
Char: 33
Code: 0

Message: Expected ';'
Line: 1742
Char: 33
Code: 0

Message: Expected ';'
Line: 2057
Char: 33
Code: 0
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