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Old 30 May 2006, 00:34
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I myself have not been an active participant of vBorg for a very long time. I joined awhile ago at which time many things were nicely setup and close-knit. I guess with the large increase in new vB members tied with ambitious members, somewhere along the line I lost the passion to participate as I did. used to be the forum that I used to come to and have interesting and helpful discussions about learning how to Code, there were people who really did want to see normal members go on to become coders, designers and what not -- when those normal members (like me) learned how to code and design and such somewhere along that we didn't take on the duty of passing on those skills to others (that is what this community was all about).

I honestly left for various reasons: I felt as though the community became full of moderators/hack coders who thought themselves above others (just because they know something over others). In addition, something that I have not mentioned to anyone, when I tried to help with vBCSS (a project that was initiated by Wayne and Kier) I was immediatly bashed by some members for trying to 'steal' a leading role -- honestly that hurt and I decided to just slip away and forget about it.

I was wrong on my part, I should have talked to people like Wayne, Kier and others who are always there to help and that is exactly what anyone who has any concerns should do.

Best wishes to everyone who are trying their best to see return to its glory.
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Old 30 May 2006, 21:45
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I have rarely got answers to my questions in the Modification Questions sections. I have a thread in the 3.5 Modification Question forum right now that is very detailed and not one response. Pretty aggrevating because I know it is something a knowledgable coder would be able to answer.
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Old 31 May 2006, 01:29
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Originally Posted by BamaStangGuy
I have a thread in the 3.5 Modification Question forum right now that is very detailed and not one response. Pretty aggrevating because I know it is something a knowledgable coder would be able to answer.
If this is about the thread about modifiying functions_online.php then your attitude of expecting an instant response is one that pisses many coders off. That post has received a couple of replies within 24 hours, yet you couldnot wait even a day for a response, you just come and whinge about it here before anyone has a chance to answer it.
Shame on you
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Old 09 Jun 2006, 23:47
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Originally Posted by Wayne Luke
When this site was first conceived, the addon authors went out of their way to help others. They didn't look down on you if you didn't know PHP and thought that it was against the vBulletin philosophy to do so. vBulletin is created in a way where you do not need to know how to write PHP code or run a MySQL Query.

In order to support these customers, this site needs to get back to a member-helping-members mentality.
I wish good luck to all new staff members.
Honestly, I hope the things will change the way it used to be 4-5 years ago.
I'm sure you miss the also those times...

Originally Posted by DrkFusion
When I tried to help with vBCSS (a project that was initiated by Wayne and Kier) I was immediatly bashed by some members for trying to 'steal' a leading role -- honestly that hurt and I decided to just slip away and forget about it...
I remember similar issues also... for instance people rating my threads all the time with one star, just to piss me off. Read the second post:
And many others...

However, there were very good people also into the community... coders devoted to vB passion, not money making machines.
I just read one of my old tutorials, people used to be really kind and friendly...

Arunan, you always had my respect, you are a great kid.


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Old 15 Jun 2006, 05:58
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Wether or not this initatve is effective is going to be decided in part by people letting go of the past and making a fresh start....forgive, but don't forget if your not a big enough person to just make an outright clean break....don't drag it down, be supportive...but remember how you got burned in the past and don't put yourself there again.

Personally i'm a big fan of the steps being taken around here....and I thank everyone whos a part of them for making it happen.
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Old 19 Jun 2006, 17:24
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the mods still harass me, so i just got done deleting all my hacks. i give up.
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Old 27 Jun 2006, 21:51
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As an outsider, all I see is bruised ego.
If coders want to remove their hacks and start a community elsewhere, so be it, let them create a community where they can be the prima donna. There will always be more talented coders, and ORG will always be the first and foremost resource for vBulletin.

One can't please everyone all the time. It's great to make changes to advance this community, but there is simply no need to sweet talk every single coder. Every hack can and will eventually be made by someone else, every coder is replacable.

The whole "I will take my code and leave" attitude is, while at times understandable, logically flawed. You are not punishing the ORG moderators by removing your code, you are punishing the very people for whom you created your code in the first place.

ORG realized that there is a problem, perhaps that realization came too late for some, but it came nonetheless. Now ORG is working on fixing the problem best they can. If that is not enough for some, then by all means, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The site will never be what it used to be years ago. Net culture has changed too much for that. Where in the beginning technically inclined folks frequented this site, it has now grown to a consumer oriented community. Jelsoft is in a large part to "blame" for that by saying "we don't support this, go to if you want to get this one" on the forum. Thus Jelsoft implied that the ORG people are the ones who will help someone out. While users can get help at ORG, it has also created a sense of entitlement among users, entitlement to receive support for every possibe question they may have here, and then those users get upset that there is no such entitlement.

One thing that would IMHO help to improve things is to advise Jelsoft staff on COM that if they send people over here, they make it clear in the thread on COM that ORG is a site run by volunteers, that one may or may not get support here, and that there is no entitlement to receive assistance.

I think a clear set of ORG community standards is also in order, something that explicitly states that no one is obligated to help someone else and that it is the users responsibility to do some very basic research on their own before posting "trivial" questions.

I am as non-PHP as it gets, and I did recently have a problem for which I created a post. vb 3.6.x - how to change welcome email sender? I received some feedback that while I did appreciate it didn't help me all that much, so I looked into it myself, and whle there may be a more elegant solution to my problem, I did come up with my own solution, and I posted it.

The coders vs. non-coders problem can only be solved if the non-coders understand that they are not entitled to support.

I hope that those coders who left, do return to ORG, even if they do not get their way all the time. It's imho counterproductive to see all these odd vB sites pop up, I LOL'ed so hard when I went to a vb site that proclaims itself to be a vb FAQ resource, and it is littered with affiliate ads for books that have nothing to do with vb, coding, or anything Internet at all.

How low could one sink to try and monetize from this ORG community issue, whoever runs that site should be ashamed (and ORG should remove all references to it from ORG).

Anyway, things got messed up, no doubt about that.
The mess-up was acknowledged, and damage control is underway. What more can one ask for? An apology? Perhaps there should be an apology from some to some, but please do realize that all of those involved in this drama are a tiny fraction of the ORG userbase, the rest of the users is merrily chugging along, and will do so till the end of time.

While it would be nice if everyone's opinion on everything mattered all the time, the fact of life is that it simply doesn't. If someone can't live with that their opinion is not all that important, then that person has likely bigger problems than any ORG issue could possibly be.

The best we can do is give our opinion, hope that it will be considered, and move on if it did not get the consideration we thought it deserved.

Well, that's my take on it anyway, and how much could it possibly matter since I am an ORG noob, eh?

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Old 03 Jul 2006, 07:15
EasyTarget EasyTarget is offline
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Real name: Dave
I thikn that's a good suggestion for .com. I think they do refer people to .org in a way which gives the results you mentioned.
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