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Old 11 Apr 2007, 05:05
footose footose is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
The Garage - v0.1b inplace of vbGarage.

I've been using vbGarage for quite some time now, at least when it was still "free", and I was frustrated with a lot of its "features", storing the pictures in the database was really slow, no Multiple garages, amongst other things.

So I completely re-wrote a custom version for my own forum, and was thinking about releasing it. I didn't exactly know where to post this, and I don't want to take anything away from the official retail version of vbGarage, but if there is interest, I'd be looking into working on it some more.

The "beta" i have on my own forum is located here

Click on 'The Garage - [Beta]' to view.

You'll notice that pictures load really quickly, because they are not saved to the database. I've also used "Make, Model..." as their own database, and used AJAX to impliment a better editing system, so that when you change your "Make", the "Model" field is populated without reloading the entire page... things like that..

I also wrote a converted that converts all of the vbGarage database fields and pictures into "The Garage" pictures, so there isn't much to do for transfering over your currenty userbase (it's done automagically)

The thread about what my users have to say about it can be located here.

Again, this is early BETA, if not alpha. I only plan to continue to work on it if it's going to be used on other boards, otherwise i'll just make it work for my own board and leave it as such.

The following is what has been added, would like to be added and what has been fixed so far.

The Garage - v0.1b


Pictures no longer saved in database, decreasing load times of pages significantly
New Database design principles.
Re-Write of vbGarage.php, removed all image functions
vbGarage - to - The Garage database converter written
Added "Nav Bar" to "view garage"
Added "Add / Edit functionality to "view garage"
Added User's ride under their name in sidebar of postbit
Added Asyncronus AJAX calls to populate dynamic drop down menus
Added Views
Database for Make / Model added

Next Version?

Select which "icon" to use on main garage
Only display items that a user has entered
Add Engine Type
Add Trim Level
State the Limit on Pictures
Multiple Cars in a single garage
Align left, instead of centered on the page when viewing garage
Add Smilies to comments
Comment Count
Rating System
Watermark Uploads
Don't let people add without putting make and model of their car

Known Bugs:

Administrators / Moderators cannot delete garages, must be done manually
Some pictures turned "black" in the conversion. Please re-upload these images if this happened in your case. I've found most images and repaired them, but I may have missed a few.
If you delete a previous image, and upload the same image in one "submit" action, then the picture will not display because it was "deleted".
Uploading the same image will display it twice, but if you delete just one of them all of the multiple images will be deleted
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Old 11 Apr 2007, 10:25
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twitch twitch is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Wow, awesome!
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Old 11 Apr 2007, 12:24
magnus's Avatar
magnus magnus is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Just for clarification, vBGarage has always been free. When I handed development over to noppid, he decided to branch off and create his own hack with does NOT bear the vBGarage moniker. If you've paid for a vBGarage license anywhere, you've been taken for a ride.
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Old 11 Apr 2007, 12:36
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Real name: Paul M
Moved to General vb Discussions for now as this does not appear to be a modification release.
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Old 13 Apr 2007, 02:17
centralss centralss is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
what about vbpicgallery? I thought that was an update to vbgarage. I saw it on a forum where it said vbgarage 4.0.1, so I click on it and it goes to vbpicgallery.
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Old 13 Apr 2007, 12:17
magnus's Avatar
magnus magnus is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
vBPicGallery is noppid's commercial 'branch off' of vBGarage. It is not free.
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Old 13 Apr 2007, 14:12
PBX1 PBX1 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Wow, that is nice, and I'm definately interested in it. I hope you do release it as a Mod as I would use it over my vbGarage.
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Old 17 Apr 2007, 19:08
audis3 audis3 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Real name: Marios
Make a release!It looks GREAT!!
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Old 17 Apr 2007, 19:19
HMBeaty HMBeaty is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Real name: Brooks
Originally Posted by audis3 View Post
Make a release!It looks GREAT!!
I'm all for it as well
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Old 19 Apr 2007, 18:58
Immortal_Shades's Avatar
Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Real name: George
VBPicGallery is freaken awesome for the record and I sure didnt mind supporting it on two of my sites since it takes off from vbgarage 4.10. Furthermore I hate having to register onto a forum to see a preview, how about attaching a screenshot so we dont ahve to register?.

Also if you do recreate this module from the original version, I do hope you get consent from the original coders and give them rightful credit as you should prior to releasing it. Noppid did alot of changing to the original and as well allowed for the photos to be stored in file as well as in the database so that is nothing new if you aquired his commercial version a.k.a vbpicgallery.

VBpicGallery also allows for watermark uploads and some of the stuff you have written here.
No offense but most of this stuff reminds me of his current version and you being new here makes me wondering if you are actually modifying his version and passing it as your own.

Yes I do agree vbgarage was always a freebie but if he decided to create vbpicgallery and charge a fee for it what harm would that be? Some coders here do the same thing except they release a freebie version and charge for retail / pro version like vbmary's great stuff. I say if some one really wants the software bad enough, they wont mind paying some moolah for it for the coders hard work. It beats using the older stuff with less features.

Just my 2 cents its worth the price he is asking for, I can see it growing in the future to be something to rival photopost.


Last edited by Immortal_Shades; 19 Apr 2007 at 19:17.
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Old 15 Jan 2008, 08:42
Digital K Digital K is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
where can I find this!??
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Old 15 Jan 2008, 14:39
GotVtec GotVtec is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Looks great.

One addition that I think could benefit this release is to add the lightbox.js library.

I added it to my vbGarage:, and it makes a pretty nice addition to viewing the photos.
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Old 18 Jan 2008, 19:14
Digital K Digital K is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
I want
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Old 18 Jan 2008, 21:32
SVTCobraLTD SVTCobraLTD is offline
Join Date: Jul 2007
I am intrested in a release of this and trying it out. Let us know if you do release it.

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Old 19 Jan 2008, 08:44
ArchangelX ArchangelX is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Real name: Michael Kitchens
Same here mang...I checked out your site...looks great! The SORT functions need a little work...but it looks fantastic!
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