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Old 05 Jul 2007, 00:04
sola sola is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Good luck to you guys. Just don't destroy VB. Above all, don't tamper with the immense trust placed in it by a vast customer base. VB has goodwill, so much that it is unquantifiable in monetary terms. It took years of dedicated attention to the customer's point of view to build this up. Don't destroy it pls.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 00:19
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COBRAws COBRAws is offline
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Real name: Jack
lets see... I have my doubts about this. But as someone said, its too early to say!

Now lets wait we get new scripts, additions, etc.

make an official SEO plugin for vBulletin, also keep on the development of vb blogs, etc.

Add the most popular MODS to the next vBulletin release.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 00:22
jam583 jam583 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Real name: Jason Miller
We are going to see an increase in price, not right away, but it will come. If anything, on paper, they need to show a positive increase in revenue over the next 12 months to make it appear as though it was a good purchase. They will increase the value of VB on paper, make the portfolio they have even better, and it will make IB a more valuable company. What better way to quickly do this than a price hike.

They bought VB out for a lot of reasons. Clearly, it's to make the footprint IB has even larger. Not only do they run some large sites (many of which use VB) they also now "Power" thousands of other sites. They will easily be able to purchase some of these large VB sites that are privately ran and this will come in the future.

Part of me is excited that we have the backing of IB. They have done some amazing things but the other half of me says "OH NO!". Clearly, they have some amazing talent on the development team for IB now. I would assume some of this talent would go to work on projects they currently have or websites they currently run. In doing so I can only hope focus isn't lost on VB.

Time will only tell!
Jason Miller
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 00:43
Join Date: Feb 2005
Real name: Jose Amaral Rego
I see no real reason to increase the price for main script, it will not make any bussiness since. Addons are what make money and it is seen in every product.

i.e.: xBox with main core and addons
i.e. PS3 main {over priced release} = low sales

i.e. Microsoft Vista: several versions and bloated with useless spftware - They should of had Core and add what you want. That is what makes money everytime.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 00:55
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 02:26
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(I posted this on
Originally Posted by James
Onto the subject of product pricing. Since the first release of vBulletin 1.0 in 2000, we have never raised the price of vBulletin licenses. The key strategy moving forward is not to shift prices markedly upwards and make buying vBulletin an unattractive proposition, but rather to offer a broader range of products and services to better cater for all audiences. We are in business to serve our customers, and we will continue to do just that in order to remain competitive.
Thank you, that was one of my main concerns....

Here is a bit more info for those who don't know:

Los Angeles-based CarsDirect yesterday said that it has changed its name to Internet Brands, as the company has started expanding its services into other, non-automotive related areas. The company said that the name change reflects the company’s aggressive expansion into other big ticket areas sucha s home mortgage lending. The new name will serve as a banner over the company's,, Autodata Solutions,,, and web sites. CarsDirect started its foray into other consumer areas in early 2004.
posted on Friday, June 17, 2005
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 03:25
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iogames iogames is offline
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Real name: Josh Arcadia

They could have waited for me to get rich and buy it, and keep a free community for all of us...
those are my legitimate worries: Free & Quality

Seriously, I own a Corporation called FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, Inc, a little bit of time and that would have been perfect... but I can't think of another thing, that as in business they have to raise the prices in order to recover their investment...
. █│║▌│█│║▌║│█║▌│║║█║

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Old 05 Jul 2007, 04:28
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karlm karlm is offline
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I've worked with large companies before... they tend to not be so concerned with customers... but they sure know how to make customers believe otherwise
Old 05 Jul 2007, 04:42
Luky Luky is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Real name: Jay
Originally Posted by ShawnV View Post
Death of another great product by the corporate engine of greed.


Can we atleast see a dollar sign?

This is when buisnesses screw up. They start to put money before ideas, and most importantly, their customers.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 04:55
elmati elmati is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Originally Posted by Luky View Post

Can we atleast see a dollar sign?

This is when buisnesses screw up. They start to put money before ideas, and most importantly, their customers.
i agree...
Old 05 Jul 2007, 05:17
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SEOvB SEOvB is offline
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All good things must come to a end.

Show me one or two examples of something good being bought out by a larger coperation, and then remaining good.

The thing that is odd here, is not that Jelsoft has been bought out, but the fact that a company which has ZERO experience, or what it seems business on the internet software(ie forums) side of things bought them. This is going to lead confusion, hysteria, and global warming for sure.

And if vBulletin no longer exists in its current form in 2 years, i wouldn't be surprised.

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Old 05 Jul 2007, 05:25
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Only time will tell what happens to this great piece of software....
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 05:55
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GrendelKhan{TSU GrendelKhan{TSU is offline
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I hope very PERSONAL support continues and that resources and time aren't just sucked into the blackhole of "corporate restructing" etc.

hopefully and ideally... it will lead to faster and more robust updates and product and evn more timely customer support. hopefully.

time will tell...but for now..
CONGRATULATION and best to all of vbTeam!! (how many of you are vested? lol )
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 06:11
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Time will tell, hope all goes well
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 06:22
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Wayne Luke Wayne Luke is offline
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Originally Posted by FRDS View Post
Show me one or two examples of something good being bought out by a larger coperation, and then remaining good.
Microsoft investing hundreds of millions into Apple Computer Inc. in the mid-90s to prevent the company from going into bankruptcy and closing.

Apple buying out the creative inventor of the iPod and selling it to the masses. Without the Apple buyout, you probably wouldn't even have an iPod today.

Google purchasing Blogger and Youtube. Both services have expanded and provide more options to users now.

Hewlett Packard's purchase of Compaq computers which increased the features available on their computers and the quality while lowering prices for consumers across the board.

Disney Studios purchase of ABC to provide a wider range of offerings to customers around the world.

Adelphia's buyout by Time Warner which brought lower prices and more selection to millions of customers.
Wayne Luke
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