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Goldbrick Audio/Video Media System Details »
Goldbrick Audio/Video Media System
Mod Version: 1.5, by nix (Member) nix is offline
Developer Last Online: Nov 2010 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.7.0 Beta 2 Rating: (46 votes - 4.59 average) Installs: 546
Released: 18 Dec 2007 Last Update: 08 Jan 2009 Downloads: 8162
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template Additional Files Is in Beta Stage  

Goldbrick Media system for vBulletin 3.7

Thanks to all who nominated or voted this for MOTM.

Some of you might be looking for Anymedia. Well this has replaced it. It's a total rewrite from the ground up. A huge thanks goes to Sir Adrian for creating the framework. He can't cook soup but he sure can code.

Why the name goldbrck?

From Wikipedia:
Goldbricking, in today's terms, generally refers to staff who use their work internet access for personal reasons while maintaining the appearance of working.
From Urban Dictionary:
Goldbricking: To loaf or goof around on the job. Supposedly an old union term describing laborers (or more specifically, bricklayers) who were going so slow, it was as if each brick were made of solid gold. One can alse be referred to as a "goldbricker".

Dude, I spent all day at work goldbricking - surfing the web, making long distance phone calls - basically just picking my ass.
Goldbrick uses the following third party Products:

What's new in Goldbrick?
  • Complete code overhaul.
  • Plays most media types.
  • Forum admins can add their own video sites
  • Updated Highslide.js
  • Attachment Images work with Goldbrick
  • Don't need to use BBCODE
  • Auto Phrases URL's
  • Media Options per post
  • Much more on the way!

Goldbrick's Requirements:
  • Vbulletin :P
  • PHP 5

Planned Features:

- Youtube like interface
- Video Comments
- Media Tags
- Media Searching

Install Instructions:
  1. Upload file contents in the upload folder.
  2. Import the Product.xml

Goldbrick Version 1.5:
- Fixed Vbadvanced integration
- Fixed extensions permissions checking
- Added pickup of old [media] tags
- More code changes for later features

Goldbrick Version 1.4:
- Fixed Apple trailers
- Added Added Viemo videos
- More code changes for later features

Goldbrick Version 1.3:
- Fixed Images
- Fixed MP3's
- Fixed Myspace, now supports
- Added Increase or decrease video size for the classic player (testebr gets the credit for this one)
- Added Added ESPN videos
- Added Veoh video site.

Goldbrick Version 1.2:
- Added Videos for Profiles for vbulletin 3.7
- Added Classic Skin
- Added Vblog Support
- Added Vbadvanced Support
- Fixed Attachments
- Rewrote some of the code

Supported Video Sites: 19 so far. Looking in goldbrick/sites folder for a full list. Users can create their own. I'll post a HOW-TO with the details.

Please report any issues or suggestions.

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.


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Old 14 Jun 2008, 23:31
saviola8x's Avatar
saviola8x saviola8x is offline
Join Date: May 2006
I have an error, I am running 3.7.1

Error in youtube player:
Facebook Vietnam
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Old 15 Jun 2008, 13:12
SonicRC SonicRC is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Default Media Object Width
The default width of the media object.
User could also set a user-defined width by adding an option to the bbcode.
How does this work?
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Old 16 Jun 2008, 15:37
Captain Tycoon's Avatar
Captain Tycoon Captain Tycoon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Any live demo please?
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Old 16 Jun 2008, 17:47
skariko skariko is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Real name: Andrea
Originally Posted by nix View Post
Download goldbrick 1.8. It's a couple of pages back..
I have the same error, only on one profile it give:
Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in [path]/goldbrick/includes/class_goldbrick.php on line 526
This error.

What would you mean with "Download Goldbrick 1.8"?
The last version of Goldbrick isn't this? 1.5?

ps: and i don't have in the USERCP the "my media" option.
Webmaster of

Last edited by skariko; 16 Jun 2008 at 18:01.
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Old 16 Jun 2008, 18:06
RedGTiVR6 RedGTiVR6 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Real name: Jan
I'm using 1.8 on our forums, it works fine on YouTube it seems, but when i have an attachment in .wmv format, it won't play. I can download it and play fine.

Any ideas?
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Old 17 Jun 2008, 04:13
hobbybox hobbybox is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Can anyone post a few of the more popular video file extensions and what you would recommend for new to the videos..I know .mp3 and .avi but what others would you all suggest?

I assume that I need to add thse files for people to upload videos from their PC correcT?

Last edited by hobbybox; 17 Jun 2008 at 04:19.
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Old 17 Jun 2008, 07:01
animesys animesys is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
Can it work with mms and rtsp link ??
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Old 17 Jun 2008, 13:56
RedGTiVR6 RedGTiVR6 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Real name: Jan
also, I've just had a user point this out to me, in 1.8, 'test' and 'this is a test' appear on attachments and when you click to view the entire attachment.

I'm sure this is just because it's a beta, but I want to be sure!
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Old 17 Jun 2008, 19:54
taxick taxick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Real name: Thomas
Utf 8


Can you fix so it can show danish Æ Ø Å in the title. (Chartset UTF-8)

See the picture..

Not Its look like this: Team Easy On Pressemøde - DEL 2

and it must look like this: Team Easy On Pressemøde - DEL 2
Attached Images
File Type: jpg hmm.jpg (29.7 KB, 16 views)
My Site:
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Old 17 Jun 2008, 21:04
Mutt's Avatar
Mutt Mutt is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
here's my plugin. works fine. I was doing alot of guessing when setting it up so if anyone can tweak it, feel free.

just upload it to your "/goldbrick/includes/sites/" dir
Attached Files
File Type: php redtube.php (590 Bytes, 17 views)
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Old 18 Jun 2008, 14:27
Chadi's Avatar
Chadi Chadi is offline
Join Date: May 2004
A lot of my members' posts area showing up as regular URL instead of media URL

Some youtube links used:

Others work fine odd enough. The forum category has GB enabled, member group is enabled, GB global option is also enabled (all media types)
Talk Jesus Forums: Christian Chat
games . chat . gallery . bible . videos
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Old 18 Jun 2008, 19:28
racechick20 racechick20 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Real name: Amanda
I have just installed this on my newly upgraded (3.7.1) forum and when we navigate to the forum it's not there but showing this error:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Please HELP! I have followed all the instructions and have successfully installed it on another forum without any problems.

Edit: I have re-uploaded the bbcode_create.php file but it has made no difference - my forum is still not showing - just the message.


I panicked! My other site is set up for php 5 and I thought I had for this too, but hadn't - I've fixed it by updating the .htaccess file and did the php5.ini whilst I was at it. Was gonna delete this but it may help someone else sometime. Thanks for a wonderful mod!

Last edited by racechick20; 18 Jun 2008 at 19:46.
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Old 18 Jun 2008, 22:17
racechick20 racechick20 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Real name: Amanda
Images not appearing in Lightbox

Hey, Nix.

Okay, I've been working on this for a while and reading posts in here but haven't managed to solve it.

I've upgraded to 1.8 but can't get my thumbnails to show in the lightbox. I've triple checked the settings, forum and user permissions - I don't think the issue is there.

The videos are working just fine so I am at a bit of a loss as to why the images aren't. This works A1 in my other forum where I have the same GB settings. The only difference I can see is that this forum has bigger thumbnails. I have updated all relevant counters just in case that would solve it but it changes nothing. Any ideas?

We love this mod and appreciate all the work you have already and continue to put into it - a mega thank you for letting us have it free of charge.

Edit: Have resized thumbnails and removed borders. Also re-updated counters. No change.

Last edited by racechick20; 18 Jun 2008 at 22:47.
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Old 18 Jun 2008, 22:35
nix's Avatar
nix nix is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Here's another test version before I put it out live.

I switched back to highslide but I change the way it looks. If you don't like it you can change it to what suits your needs. All highslide settings are in the goldbrick_header template.

I added Zend Cache for media cache so it doesn't have to hit the database if you're not using vb cache. To use it chmod the goldbrick/cache folder so it's writable by the server. Then turn on Goldbrick Cache in Goldbricks options.

This version will empty the gb_cache, gb_media and vb's postparsed tables in the database to prevent any errors.

Bug Fixes that I remember
Back to highslide with a packed version.
Fixed media embed
Fixed attachments

A demo on a friends site.
Attached Files
File Type: zip (292.0 KB, 340 views)

Last edited by nix; 19 Jun 2008 at 01:03.
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Old 18 Jun 2008, 23:02
rapidphim rapidphim is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Thanks Nix... we'll choose Yes for override when import this product? Will it automatically rebuild all media links or we have to manually do each?

Did you fix DailyMotion, MegaVideo?
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