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Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
Mod Version: 5.7, by Valter (Coder) Valter is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.6.8 Rating: (251 votes - 4.79 average) Installs: 3186
Released: 04 Aug 2006 Last Update: 22 Oct 2007 Downloads: 16489
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits  



Forum Statistics for:
-Latest Forum News
-Newest Members
-Top Posters
-Top Thread Starters
-Top Referrers
-Most Viewed Threads
-Hottest Threads
-Top Reputations
-Top Thanked
-Most Popular Forums
-Top Infractions
-Latest Classified Ads
-Latest Posts

This product is very flexible. You are able to choose which stats to show, disable some details to save page space, optionally show data from last X days only, make several other functionality/make-up customizations... See screenshots.

You can have Main Stats box shown on several pages...
It's shown by default on forumhome (to disable it set "Main Top Stats box on ForumHome" to "Disable")
To activate another location:
a) put location-name in "Stats on Custom Pages" field in hack settings
Explanation: When you open some vBulletin php file you'll see this at the top - "define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'XXX');"
XXX is location-name we need. It's usually the same as php filename (without extension, of course)
Note: When setting several locations then separate location-names by commas
b) add "$cybtopstats" to the template called on page where you wish to have stats shown

-To set options go to: vBulletin Options > Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
-"Top Thanked" works only with Abe1's "Post Thank You" hack. Don't enable if you have not this hack installed.
-To move Top Stats box somewhere else on forumhome: 1.-Set placement setting to "None" 2.-Add "index" to "Stats on Custom Pages" setting 3.-Add "$cybtopstats" wherever you wish in FORUMHOME template.
-If Top Stats box is too big because of long usernames or thread/forum titles be noted that you can trim them in ACP options.
-When forum/thread titles or usernames are trimmed, mouse-over will show you full version.

1. Required:
Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP: Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

2. Optional - if you use custom styles and stats are not shown:
Open FORUMHOME template and add "$cybtopstats" where you wish Stats box to appear

3. Optional - if you use custom styles and link to re-enable stats is not shown:
Open desired template and add "$cybts_enablelink" where you wish "Enable Top Statistics" link to appear

v1.0 - Jun 12. 2006.
-First release
v1.5 - Jun 12. 2006.
-Added - option to enable/disable whole hack
-Added - option to Enable/Disable "Newest Members"
-Added - option to switch "Newest Members" column background color (alt1/alt2)
-Added - option to Enable/Disable "Top Posters"
-Added - option to switch "Top Posters" column background color (alt1/alt2)
-Added - option to Enable/Disable "Top Reputations"
-Added - option to switch "Top Reputations" column background color (alt1/alt2)
-Added - option to Enable/Disable "Latest Posts"
-Added - option to switch "Latest Posts" column background color (alt1/alt2)
v1.6 - Jun 12. 2006.
-Small bug fixed (thanks evss)
v1.7 - Jun 13. 2006.
-Added - "Newest members" option to show/hide member ID
-Added - "Newest members" option to show/hide member post count
-Added - "Top Reputations" option to show/hide member post count
-Added - "Latest Posts" option to show/hide post date/time
-Added - "Latest Posts" option to show/hide post replies #
-Added - "Latest Posts" option to show/hide post views #
v1.8 - Jun 13. 2006.
-Added - Top Thanked Stats - for those who use "Post Thank You Hack" by Abe1
-Added - "Latest Posts" option to show/hide last poster
-Improved tables
v2.0 - Jun 14. 2006.
-Added - View more results on separate page (requires one file upload)
-Option to allow/dissallow members to view more results on CybTopStats.php
-Option to set default number of results shown on CybTopStats.php
-Option to set max number of results user can choose to show on CybTopStats.php
v2.5 - Jun 15. 2006.
-Added - "Latest Forum News"
-Added - "Most Viewed Threads"
-Added - Ability to show/hide any detail in stats
-Hack name changed to "Advanced Forumhome Statistics"
v2.6 - Jul 03. 2006.
-Added "Forum" to "Latest Posts", as requested. This shows forum name where post is created. Can be enabled/disabled.
-Added an option to trim forum titles.
-Fixed bug where thread date/time was shown. Now date/time of the latest post is shown.
-Few improvements in codes.
v2.7 - Jul 04. 2006.
-Fixed bug where private forums are not automatically excluded. This works fine now.
v2.8 - Jul 08. 2006.
-Security bug fixed where some codes can be executed on site if entered as thread title. Upgrade Recommended!
v2.9 - Jul 09. 2006.
-Fixed issue with special characters used in some languages (Turkish, Bosnian, etc)
v3.0 - Aug 04. 2006.
-Release of this hack for vB v3.6
v3.1 - Aug 21. 2006.
-New: no more file uploads (separate page still exist, don't worry)
-New: full username/title on mouseover when you trim forum/thread titles or usernames
-New: in "Latest Posts" - thread title is linked to start of thread now and little arrow is linked to first unread post in thread
-Fixed/changed some phrases
-Other fixes
-To upgrade: Import XML as product, allow overwrite, then delete CybTopStats.php from your server
v3.2 - Aug 22. 2006.
-Bug fixed in "Latest Posts" (when you click on little arrow you get "post doesn't exist" error)
v3.3 - Aug 23. 2006.
-Bug fixed in "Latest Posts" (blank "User" field when guest posted)
-Bug fixed in "Latest Posts" (if default browser font is not Arial then go-to-first-unread-post-arrow is shown as little blank square box)
-If your forum's index.php file was renamed for any reason, now you can enter new filename in ACP hack options to have working separate page
v3.4 - Aug 30. 2006.
-Bug fixed in "Latest Posts" (Moderated threads not hidden)
-Added "Product Version Checking"
v3.5 - Aug 30. 2006.
-Small security bug fixed
v3.6 - Sep 09. 2006.
-Added: "Top Thread Starters" (NOTE: Requires MySQL version 4.0.4 or higher)
-Added: You can choose in Settings where Stats box will be shown on forumhome (4 options + disable)
-Added: You can have Stats shown anywhere on your forum/external page (must include global.php). Just put "$cybtopstats" where you wish to have stats shown.
-No more need to set filename for "index.php" if it was changed. Now misc.php is used, which nobody has need to rename.
-Tables improved (some space saved)
-Small bug fixed (no full thread title on mouseover in "Latest Forum News" when thread titles are trimmed)
-Thanks to Paul M for help with db query for "Top Thread Starters"
v3.7 - v3.9 (Sep 16. 2006.)
-Trying to fix very weird bug
v4.0 - Sep 18. 2006.
-To completely solve several problems experienced with versions 3.7 - 3.9 I'v changed some things here:
1. You can have stats shown on maximum 2 pages (who needs more?)
2. Stats are shown by default on forumhome (to disable it set "Top Stats Box Position" to "None").
3. To activate second location:
a) type location-name in "Additional Location" field
Explanation: When you open some vBulletin php file you'll see this at the top - "define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'XXX');".
XXX is location-name we need. It's usually the same as php filename (without extension, of course).
b) add "$cybtopstats" to the template called on page where you wish to have stats shown.
v4.1 - Sep 25. 2006.
-Added "Top Referrers"
-Added option to exclude usergroups from viewing top stats
-Few code improvements (zeros excluded from stats, few table parameters adjusted)
v4.2 - Oct 29. 2006.
-Whole code is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
-Added option to exclude usergroups from showing up in top stats
-Fixed bug (deleted threads still listed in stats)
v4.3 - Nov 29. 2006.
-Added option to set time/date formats (defaults: day-month, hours:minutes) - this can save some space
-Removed some 'width' attributes to improve columns alignment
-Table width changed to stylevar outertablewidth to fix problems with some styles
v4.4 - Nov 29. 2006.
-Main table width is 100% again because $stylevar[ourtertablewidth] breakes some styles for some reason
-Updated templates version/dateline info
v4.5 - Nov 30. 2006.
-Fixed bug (queries executed in background for users who are not allowed to see stats)
v4.6 - Feb 26. 2007.
-New general option: Choose to show stats from the beginning, for current month, or from custom date
-New in "Latest Posts": Choose where titles and arrows are linked to
-New in "Top Reputations": Added number of members who gaved positive reputation points to user
-Several small code improvements for better compatibility with different styles and SEO
-Setings page little re-organized...
v4.7 - Feb 27. 2007.
-Removed options from 4.6 which requires complex queries and makes forums run slow ("show stats for a custom time period" and "show number of members who gaved positive reputation points to user"). Sorry, I know this was useful but it's more important to keep this product fast/stable.
-New in "Latest Forum News": Now you can set several forums to show latest threads/news from
-Fixed bug (stats can not be used in forumdisplay)
-Fixed bug (user see no-permissions-to-view threads in "Latest Forum News")
-ACP settings page re-organized and shortened for better view
v4.8 - Mar 09. 2007.
-New: "Hottest Threads" - list popular threads sorted by reply count
-Fixed bug (more results page blank or get "URL file-access is disabled" error)
-Fixed bug (new replies signalization in "Most Viewed Threads" and "Latest Forum News" not working)
-Number of results on separate page is now chosen by user via drop-down menu (in hack settings you can set available values)
-Main Top Stats box now can be shown on unlimited number of locations (list locations you want, separate with commas)
-Added sessionurl to links where missed
v4.9 - Mar 23. 2007.
-Fixed bug where cell spacing/padding for individual stats tables are not defined - this saves a lot of space and looks much better imo
-Colspan for the main table now calculated automatically, depending on number of enabled stats (this fixes problem with tiny blank column in Opera)
-Fixed bug where some special characters are not shown properly in stats when titles/usernames are trimmed
-Trimming is now done in standard vBulletin style - trims a string to the specified length while keeping whole words
-New: Option to remove bold style from usernames in stats
-Hack compatible with vBadvanced CMPS (location: adv_index, variable to globalize: cybtopstats)
-Improved compatibility with right-to-left direction styles
-BIG general code clean-up
v5.0 - Apr 10. 2007.
-To save page space Stats are now arranged into two rows and up to four columns (adjustable in Options)
-For every column you can choose which statistic to show in, except "Latest Posts" which always uses one full column
-New: "Most Popular Forums"
-New: User can completely disable Top Stats (and enable it later easily if wanted)
-If stats disabled then "Enable Top Statistics" appears in "Quick Links"
-New: Drop-down menu in Stats table header with options to view more stats and disable them
-New: Exclude usergroups from viewing more results [guests(1) and banned(8) blocked by default]
-Fixed bug where queries are executed on index even you disable Stats on Forumhome
-Settings page much easier to understand and set now
-Several other fixes and improvements, including queries, indexes for thanked posts and user threads, better js codes, better tables etc...
v5.1 - Apr 16. 2007.
-Fixed bug where "Latest News" are not sorted by date but ID
-Fixed javascript error in IE
-Fixed bug where "Top Thread Starters" counts are not updated
-Layout changeable (single or two rows)
-Two more columns added
-Any column can be disabled
-Added ability to show post counts in "Newest Members"
-"Stats Management" easier to understand and use
-"Turn on/off Stats" user function improved, including forum message with notes on how to re-enable
-Added variable for "Turn on/off Stats" link to use on custom places ($cybts_enablelink)
-New: "Top Infractions"
-Codes valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
v5.2 - Apr 29. 2007.
-Fixed bug where thread counts in "Top Thread Starters" are not updated
-Fixed bug with strange underlines on some forums
-Fixed bug where you can not put stats on custom place on forumhome
-Updated instructions on how to put Stats on custom place on forumhome
-Improved exclusion of no-permissions-to-view and private forums from stats
-Added option to move "Latest Posts" to the left in Stats box
v5.3 - May 03. 2007.
-Added option to exclude styles from new/old colorizing
v5.4 - May 06. 2007.
-New: "Latest Classified Ads"
-Fixed bug where thread redirects are shown in "Latest Posts"
-Improved tables and background color switching
v5.5 - Sep 06. 2007.
-Group membership checking improved (works now for supplementary usergroups)
-Optimized (including: one less query, some unneeded lines removed,...)
-Several minor bugs fixed
v5.6 - Oct 08. 2007.
-Fixed bug where users are not displayed using tags from their "display usergroup"
-New: Timecut (count data from last x days only)
-Individual stats can be excluded from Timecut
-Removed New/Old-Color settings, used "time" CSS settings to mark old data
-New: "Top Reputations" now shows Reputations+Reputation Level
-New: "Top Infractions" now shows Infractions+Infraction Points
-"Top Thread Starters" does not require MySQL version 4.0.4 or higher to work anymore
-Several minor bug fixes and improvements in code...
v5.7 - Oct 22. 2007.
-New option: "Show actual reputations instead of reputations given by members"
-Minor bug fixes

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Old 28 Mar 2007, 19:03
007's Avatar
007 007 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
I noticed some bugs with this. I disabled it for now because threads from private forums are being displayed in the stats.

Also, how can I move it to another area on my forumhome? It is added automatically but I don't want to display it where it is by default.


Also, is it possible to use custom profile fields with this, such as sort people by the number in filed[7] or whatever. For points or something?
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 00:23
Sidewindr's Avatar
Sidewindr Sidewindr is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
I's not showing the stats for private forums/threads on mine, only shows these if you actually have access to the private thread/forum.

I still cannot get it working on the vbAdvanced front portal however .. *sigh*
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 01:11
007's Avatar
007 007 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
I logged out to check though and it still shows private threads.
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 15:10
ubblite ubblite is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Originally Posted by 007 View Post
I logged out to check though and it still shows private threads.
This has been a problem for many of us. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 15:27
Distance's Avatar
Distance Distance is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Real name: Josh
I hope so..

Bump this:

Originally Posted by Distance View Post
Oh dear.. a bugged release..

I have been suggesting this since I first installed..

Now is a perfect time to implement this 4.9 to 5.0

Feature addon

Users who have no permissions to view topics (either forum permissions or via password)
dont show in the latest posts / announcements
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.


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Old 29 Mar 2007, 20:21
Valter Valter is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Double check those two things:
vBulletin Options > Forum Listings Display Options > "Show Private Forums"
Forum Manager > choose forum > "Show Private Forum"
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Old 29 Mar 2007, 21:53
dbirosel dbirosel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Real name: Dante
hey Cyb, how can i have the Most Viewed to the right of the Top 10 threads. Basically relocating the positions of the features.
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Old 30 Mar 2007, 01:07
Join Date: Jan 2007
Thankss nice and esay mod to install
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Old 30 Mar 2007, 09:51
Terminatoronly's Avatar
Terminatoronly Terminatoronly is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
You Are the best thanks alot for making this mod
Report Post Suggestion Please See it And Give Your Idea.
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Old 02 Apr 2007, 00:47
YabbaDabba YabbaDabba is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Have 4.9 running as a clean install on a vB 3.6.5 test board.

All features work, but it is crowded.

I would like to add one more vote for the following features/options:

1 - Admin selectable time period
I'd use "month" or maybe "week"

2 - Chron job to calculate stats
'cause otherwise the load is pretty bad

3 - More flexibility in display options
Personally I'd like to arrange all the stats in a single (right) column instead of across the width of the page.

And instead of a single call to $cybtopstats, it would be useful to be able to call each type individually, like $cybtop_latestnews, $cybtop_topposters, $cybtop_hotthreads, etc.

But if not, at least an ability to assign stat groups to particular rows in the master top stats table, such as:

Latest Forum News, Newest Members, Top Posters, Top Thread Starters: Row 1
Top Referrers, Most Viewed Threads, Hottest Threads, Top Posters: Row 2
Top Thanked Members. Top Reputations: Row 3

And the ability to change the order of each type would be useful as well.

This issue is very important as you have a super comprehensive stats package, but nobody can use it fully because of layout restrictions.

4 - Add a "more..." link to each stat set.
And a secondary page that displays just the stats for that type, but with the expanded display (i.e., with all features "enabled" perhaps).

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Old 02 Apr 2007, 19:25
Daky's Avatar
Daky Daky is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Originally Posted by dan_p View Post
I'm having the same problem other people have noticed since upgrading to 4.9.

My "Most Viewed Threads" column appears, but is empty.

If this helps, I went straight from 4.5 to 4.9, I sure hope that didn't cause any problems.
I have the same problem.
How to fix this?

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Old 02 Apr 2007, 19:52
Yomismito Yomismito is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
I've the same problem too
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Old 03 Apr 2007, 05:48
M4H M4H is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Still CAN'T exclude one user group without excluding all. Will the auther/coder PLEASE address this issue. Its really the only thing wrong in my opinion.
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Old 03 Apr 2007, 06:06
Capper5016 Capper5016 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
went from good to God awful, nothing works right.....Hottest Threads and News thread don't work, and groups excluded from stats doesn't work.
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Old 03 Apr 2007, 08:42
Daky's Avatar
Daky Daky is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
I am sure that Cybernetec will find solution for this soon.
He is a great coder, and all his scripts are great.

Just give it some time.
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