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TSxView: simple live viewer for Teamspeak 2 & 3 Details »
TSxView: simple live viewer for Teamspeak 2 & 3
Mod Version: 1.1, by Disasterpiece (Coder) Disasterpiece is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2019 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (3 votes - 3.67 average) Installs: 27
Released: 02 Jan 2010 Last Update: 12 Jan 2010 Downloads: 218
Not Supported Uses Plugins Auto-Template Additional Files Is in Beta Stage  

Please use the vb4 version instead:

Welcome everyone!

You can find here a simple Teamspeak online-viewer for your forum.
You don't have to edit core files, just a small plugin file with a php libary and everything should work fine.

If you want to have an overview about how it's looking in the end, check out the screenshots included with this post.

The vBulletin 4.0 Version of this mod is located here.


With the latest release (Beta 15) of the teamspeak 3 server, ts3 has introduced a query flood protection which bans every ip, which queries the teamspeak server too often in a short period of time.
To exclude ips from this procedure, edit the query_ip_whitelist.txt in your ts3 server directory.
For those who don't have access to this file, consult your service provider.
The next major version of this plugin will include some techniques to deal with this limitation. Stay tuned.

Also notice, that the newest ts3 server version (beta 15) requires client version of beta 11 or higher.

Please read the version notes and the documentation of teamspeak3 itself to get further information:


Current Version: (please report bugs, issues and any other feedback)
Author: Andreas Rudolph <[email protected]> (aka Radon)

This is a vB 3 / 4 Plugin with a simple who-is-in-teamspeak box.
Tested with:
- TS2
- TS3 Beta 9
- vBulletin 4.0.0
- vBulletin 3.8.2


There are two libaries included with this script which are necessary for php-sided teamspeak query.
You don't need both files, if you're using one teamspeak version only.

ts2status.php by Guido van Biemen (aka [email protected])
ts3status.php by Sebastien Gerard <[email protected]>


Extract the archive and upload the libary files into "/forum/includes/" directory.
Install the correct plugin xml file in your vBulletin ACP.
If you are updating, make sure to allow overriding of previous plugin versions.


To upgrade the plugin, proceed as you'd install a new product by navigating to the
"Plugins & Products -> Manage Products" group and klick "[Add/Import Product]"
Choose the pluginfile for your vBulletin version and make sure to check "Allow Overwrite" before
you import the updated plugin.

If you have problems after upgrading the plugin, write down your plugin's settings, un-install the
addon and install it again.

If you made any changes to the templates, the template records will not be deleted!
After the installation you'll have to re-enter your configurations, because these won't be saved!


By default the plugin is disabled in its options to prevent error warnings.
You can access the configuration by "Settings -> Teamspeakx Viewer".
After you entered the correct information, you can enable the viewer with the first option.

The most important settings:

- Enable / Disable TSxViewer:
This should be enabled for the actual plugin to work. Make sure to enable it *after* you
configured your plugin.

- Teamspeak Version:
If you want to query a TS2 server, switch this to "NO", otherwise leave it to "YES".

- Server IP:
Simply enter the IP, you're using to connect to your teamspeak server.

- Teamspeak 2 Port:
If you're using Teamspeak 2, you have to specify the connection port. This is important,
because if more virtual servers are running on the same machine, this port is used to
identify the correct server and it's used to display a Join link so user can connect through
your forum.
This is the port number you use in your Teamspeak 2 application behind the IP.
If you're using this ip in your TS2 Connection window: "", your TS2 port
is "8767".
If you're using Teamspeak 3, this setting is obsolete, because the port is transfered
through the query anyway.

- Queryport:
The teamspeak server uses a certain port where it listens for incoming queries.
For TS2 servers, you find this port in the server.ini file, which is located in the same
directory as the server binary is.
In the server.ini, look for a like called "TCPQueryPort". The port number is the value
after the "=".
For TS3 servers, you find this port in the ts3server.ini file, which is located in the same
directory as the server binary is.
In the ts3server.ini, look for a like called "query_port". The port number is the value
after the "=".

If you don't have access to these ini files, ask your server administrator or server
provider for these informations.

- VServer ID:
Teamspeak 3 servers aren't identified by their port number anymore.
Each virtual server gets an unique ID to differ it from the others.
In order to query the correct Teamspeak server, you have to specify its id. This is
important, if the machine TS3 is running on, provides more virtual servers than one.
In this case, you may ask your server provider for the correct ID of your server or ask your
server admin.
You usually find this ID in the server's log files too.


- I get the error message "Socket error" or "Connection refused"
-> This is mostly the case, if you entered the wrong IP or port information.
Regardless if the port and ip is correct, the script sends a query to ask if the server
is "there" and answers. If no answer comes back, the script gives back these error messages.
Also check if you use the correct connection method. If your server is Teamspeak 2, it makes
no sense to query it with Teamspeak 3 methods and vice-versa.

- The who-is-online list prints out players who aren't on my server
-> You probably entered the wrong server port (for TS2) or the wrong vServerID (for TS3) and
the script is querying the wrong server.
Make sure you're using your server's data.

- I'm getting a blank site with PHP errors of classes that could not be found
-> You forgot to upload the query libaries or you put it in the wrong place.
Make sure you uploaded the necessary php files into the ./forum/includes directory and set
the correct permissions so the webserver can access it.
Also check if you're using the correct version.
If you update the plugin file, always update the libary file(s) too!


To customize the template, you'll find it in the forumhome Templategroup as "forumhome_tsviewer"
If you want advanced customization of the output code, you have to edit the plugin code.

To display the viewer in a different position, you can edit the output template hook.
In the plugin's code, find
"$hookpos = 'forumhome_wgo_pos'.$vbulletin->options['tsx_displayposition'];"
And change the 'forumhome_wgo_pos' to any other hook you want the output to appear.
Since the forumhome template has 5 positions (forumhome_wgo_pos1, forumhome_wgo_pos2, ...,
forumhome_wgo_pos5), you have to remove
if your preferred hook has no number at its end.
If there is no output at all, you probably used an invalid hookname.

For usage with teamspeak2, you can also put an icon file "teamspeak.gif" into the misc dir of your
image folder. This icon will be displayed on the left side of the output row.
If you want to use an other icon file or rebuild the output row, you have to edit the forumhome_tsview
template to fit your needs.


- First non-beta Release starting at v1.1
- Fixed a formatting error in ts3status.php libary file
- Fixed tabs and whitespaces in xml files causing plugin installation to fail in rare cases.

- General code-cleanup
- Some additions for the settings descriptions
- Added setting for password-protected servers
- Added joinlink support for passworded servers
- Minor changes in ts3status.php

- Initial release

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.


Click image for larger version

Name:	tsxadmindemo.jpg
Views:	212
Size:	104.3 KB
ID:	108830   Click image for larger version

Name:	tsxviewdemo.jpg
Views:	540
Size:	51.9 KB
ID:	108831  

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Mod Developer Type Replies Last Post
Forum Home Enhancements TSxView: simple live viewer for Teamspeak 2 & 3 Disasterpiece vBulletin 4.x Add-ons 134 15 Jun 2011 19:14

Old 07 Jan 2010, 18:32
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Is the webscript and the teamspeak server on the same machine?
Perhaps you can't access the external ip because of a loopback-restriction?

If they are not on the same machine, it is also possible, that the port is not forwarded by a firewall/iptables.
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 18:42
pewp pewp is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Nope, I have my web server hosted by bluehost and from what they tell me there are no restrictions in terms of ports or anything like that. The TS server is not behind a firewall and the ubuntu firewall is disabled. I can connect to the serverquery port via other TS3 remote server admin type addons. It just seems to be from my web server to the TS server.
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 18:45
pewp pewp is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
when I telnet to my TS server to 10011 from my web host shell account it times out. So they have to be blocking something.
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 18:53
pewp pewp is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Ok, they opened the port for me, the only issue now is images. It's looking images/misc/teamspeak.gif so I'm assuming I can just add whatever I want there to take care of that.
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 19:02
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
You can add any image you prefer, i'll upload some default-image later these days
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 19:22
pewp pewp is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Thanks for the help. Is there anyway to rearrange the tsviewer_output? Like if i wanted to put the join link under the user list or maybe have it display more detailed info such as what channel they are in. anything like that?
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Old 07 Jan 2010, 20:35
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Currently not, because for the joinlink to be generated, the teamspeak class has to be instanced and this can only happen at one point atm.
I'll see if I can realize this.

Further information besides the userlist is also not possible at the moment, since longer querys on every page generation mean more serverload.
The next thing i'll implement is a caching system, so the ts server has to be queried only every x minutes, then it will be no big deal to display more imformation
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Old 12 Jan 2010, 16:26
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Updated to version 1.1 - Changelog is in first post.
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Old 21 Jan 2010, 11:22
Goodspeed Goodspeed is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
We are experince some interesting bug. When someone refresh forum unknown user join TS with different port and leave it. I belive this is script from forum join server. But how to fix this isse?

here is log example:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

IP mentioned above is IP from TS3 server white list.
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Old 21 Jan 2010, 11:39
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007

this is a teamspeak-related issue.
The query is counted as a user. So the webserver practically connects to the server, looks who is online and leaves as soon as he has all the information.
When this entries appear in your logfile, you probably use a loglevel which is too verbose.

I'm sorry that I can not help you with this, I suggest you to consult the official teamspeak support forum, since you're the first user reporting an issue with the plugin like this.
Here is a thread with the same problem, perhaps it helps you:
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Old 22 Jan 2010, 13:44
DangerousDale DangerousDale is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Thanks m8, working like a charm
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Old 27 Jan 2010, 19:00
silencerdeluxe silencerdeluxe is offline
Join Date: May 2006
Yeah, easy good plugin, thx!
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Old 03 Apr 2010, 19:19
BadgerDog BadgerDog is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Real name: Doug

Installed... thank you ..

However, after uploading file to /includes and loading XML file into our vBulletin and setting correct parameters for our TS3 server, I don't see anything on our forum home page at all, in order to connect to the server?

Ami I missing something?

Appreciate any feedback...

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Old 04 Apr 2010, 07:36
Disasterpiece's Avatar
Disasterpiece Disasterpiece is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
If you use the default settings, it should appear on the bottom of the bage near the who is online list. A join link should also be visible on the top of this teamspeak viewer box.

If you can't see anything at all, try this:
- Have you checked "enabled" in the settings? (first row)
- if you only can't see the join link, did you enable "display join link" in the settings?
- Do you use a custom template and therefore using different template hooks?
- Is the plugin itself enabled?
- Have the templates been created successfully? Check for template group "tsxview" it should contain 2 templates

Any warning/error messages?
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Old 04 Apr 2010, 11:58
BadgerDog BadgerDog is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Real name: Doug
Originally Posted by Disasterpiece View Post

Any warning/error messages?
No warning messages or errors ...

Everything described above seems to be correct ....

I just realized that I'm running v3.68 and I think that may be the problem ..

Sorry for bothering you and not realizing the v3.85 minimum.

We have a bunch of old collectors and would love to use TS for "guest speaker" eveings talking about their collections.

Is there anything you can advise me as to where to look to put the proper hook? I do know how to access our forum home template and could manually add something there, but I'm not sure what the line to add should be?

Appreciate your feedback and support ...

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