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Old 07 Apr 2008, 17:04
slmoney slmoney is offline
Join Date: Jul 2007
Site Name: Forums
Description: Forum for BlackBerry Themes and Multimedia
Reason for Nomination:
Launched July 2007
Forum is hosted on a VPS
Fast Growing Board, over 45,000 members. Membership growing at a rate of 200+ members a day.
Currently we host the largest number of Free Themes for the BlackBerry Device.
Old 08 Apr 2008, 23:18
pokesph's Avatar
pokesph pokesph is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Real name: Steve
Site Name: thePokeCommunity
Description: PokéCommunity is an open community designed to provide a common meeting place for all fans of anything Pokémon, so they can discuss, comment, and explore the realm of Pokémon with fellow fans, forging new friendships along the way.
Reason for Nomination: Well ran and updated forum that is constantly growing. Over 30 custom, one of a kind styles, custom and mods, and more. A top destination for the fans we serve. (in top 400 at

please second (and third, ) us.
The PokeCommunity Admin
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Old 10 Apr 2008, 20:29
EvilChicken's Avatar
EvilChicken EvilChicken is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Real name: Andy
Site Name: | Plug in :: Play On
Description: TripleChat has just recently popped into the scene of Gaming sites around the net but unlike others, this site is a bit different. I strive for User Happiness, let me explain. See, when you join this site and its forums, you automatically become part of the site. Your input does not go unnoticed! Everything you say is read over by me or my amazing staff on these forums. So unlike other sites, we improve when you asking to improve. If you want to chat about gaming, then the odds are that we will have a chat about gaming in 24 minutes or less. If you want a cookie, we will laugh a little and tell you to go find a phone book and order a cookie. But that is my point, we will help you!

It isn’t such a matter of great news sources…ok it is a bit, but the fact is we are a great community here to intrigued you and let you in on some insight in the gaming world. Forget all thoughts of huge gaming sites where one comment you make may become a huge flame war. Instead, hang out here with the little big guy.

Another great thing about TripleChat is our Bigger sister site, This site has been nothing but our support throughout the launch and even up till now. SectionZ and his team have done a great job in helping and even linking to our site and forums and without them, this site would not be here. So if you ever see or talk to them, thank them!

Reason for Nomination: TripleChat's reason for nomination is simple, the members on the forum have gave me nothing but pats on the back. I know I shouldn't brag but it is hard to when they have been my driving force for this website! Graphics, features, videos, downloads, gaming news, and some random things are the handful of things that I offer and I am always ready to add another word to that list. I am always working on improvements and small edits to the forum to allow for better flow.

I built this site and I have never been happier!

Thanks, EC
Check out for your Ultimate PS3 & Gaming News!
Old 10 Apr 2008, 22:01
Shouzen Shouzen is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Real name: Ramanand

Site Name: OnePieceLine Forums
Description: A Disussion forum for the anime/manga One Piece. OnePieceLine Forums is part of the main website, OnePieceLine.
Reason for Nomination:
  • Custom Theme
  • Very Organized Forum Sections
  • Great Community
  • Great Staff
Old 11 Apr 2008, 01:14 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2007
Site Name: uk-sims
Description: free simcards and chat
Reason for Nomination: because its a new site and looks good
Old 11 Apr 2008, 14:12
GuaRRand's Avatar
GuaRRand GuaRRand is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Site Name:
Description: Social Gamers site with occasional hamsters
Reason for Nomination: GLCOTI is on one hand a typical forum. No real fancy graphics and extreme layouts. Its a forum and it doesnt pretend to be anything else. but on the other hand, it has alot of addons installed, but large and small.
Try to find and enjoy them all!
P.S. if you dont like the default Theme/skin, select one of the 4-5 others at the bottom of the site.
Old 12 Apr 2008, 16:08
hollyboy's Avatar
hollyboy hollyboy is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Site Name:
Description: is a big community about FC INTER. The fans there share their thoughts for Ibrahimovic, Crespo, Cruz, Zanetti, Materazzi, the coach Mancini and the President Moratti. Every game there is a topic for live comments and once the game is finished you can vote the best player of the match
Reason for vote: we have recently redesigned the skins and reached 47.000 registered members
Old 13 Apr 2008, 07:51
christian8a's Avatar
christian8a christian8a is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Real name: Chris
Site Name:


Description: This could be probably the 5th time I submit but we keep changing our desing and for the first time I think this is it. The one we were looking for so take look at it and we also have extra features as Gifts for members same way as facebook type of application.

Best looking corvette website!
Corvettes Forum
Old 16 Apr 2008, 03:00
SEOvB's Avatar
SEOvB SEOvB is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Real name: Jarvis
Site Name: Search Engine Optimization Talk
Description: SEO Talk provides internet users a place to gather and discuss strategy and changes in the search engine optimiation world.

Reason for Nomination: Offical Launch date was April 15th 2008, with a highly customized theme. While our memberbase maybe small still, we also offer loads of good information any webmaster can use.
vBulletin Services and vBulletin Hosting
Old 16 Apr 2008, 05:02
wicked80 wicked80 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Site Name: CricFever


Description: CricFever is a website for cricket fans all around the globe. CricFever provides the latest cricket videos, cricket forums, cricket groups,blogs and lot's more.

Reason for Nomination: We would like to know how we are going and how we can improve our site more for the 10k+ users.Thanks for time and consideration.
Old 18 Apr 2008, 13:52
Magnusson2u Magnusson2u is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Site name:


Description: is a website devoted to BMW's "Most Winningest Tour Car," The E30 M3
(Production 1886-1992). Our main goal is to unite and educate our international membership.
Though we suffer the same frustrations as any website, we have a zero banning policy for our
membership. We are a not for profit site, with zero banner ads, and totally funded by our members.

Reason for Nomination:
We wanted to celebrate and share our visual voice with the community
that has assisted in it's development. The add-ons and template modifications allow us to achieve an
appearance and set of functions that we would never be able to
create by ourselves (well beyond our imagination) . "We're car guys."

Good Luck!
New to all forums,php, mysql and any other type of coding. So if it sounds dumb, it's supposed to!

Last edited by Magnusson2u; 18 Apr 2008 at 19:20.
Old 21 Apr 2008, 06:47
kjhkjh's Avatar
kjhkjh kjhkjh is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
London Student Forums

Site Name: London Student Forums


London Student Forums is the online meeting place for students at over 30 universities across London (as well as the several hundred colleges, academies and even English language schools). By many approximations thats a niche target audience of over 300,000 students across London, UK.

We help students to buy, sell and trade text books, as well as find student housing and jobs.
There are individual university forums which are starting to thrive with discussion by attending students and potential students who may still be at high school, but who are wanting help to choose a university. At they can just ask their questions in the forums.

One of the coolest mods/hacks to the board is a FREE SMS text message service. Registered users can send a FREE text message to their friends anywhere in the world. This does have a cost to the website (because messages are sent via an sms gateway service provider) but we allow a quota of text messages each day (see the FREE SMS icon at the top right of the London Student Forums website)

Other nice features are the arcade and the London events calendar which is starting to thrive.

Reason for Nomination:
This board is truly unique in that it's focus is on students in London, UK - and students across the world who may be thinking of coming to London to study. We have a nice niche and are happy to be filling a void where over 300,000 students weren't previously being covered under a single site.

The style and layout of the site is also unique. The header used across all pages including the custom pages is very different to the usual vBulletin skins and headers. Please take a look and hopefully you'll see us fit for nomination

Our classifieds are starting to draw in many people looking to list their items. has recently had a face list and it would be great if someone would second this nomination - it would be a nice boost for me and all the other mods who have been working very hard recently - and it would build on the momentum since our redesign and relaunch.

Thanks and good luck !
London Student Forums - News, Classifieds, Discussion

Last edited by kjhkjh; 21 Apr 2008 at 06:55.
Old 21 Apr 2008, 14:43
atrljoe atrljoe is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Site Name:
Description: An interactive music community built on the #1 fan site for MTV's TRL, where you can discover and share the latest news, charts, and videos, discuss topics, read and create blogs, make requests on personal music countdowns, and participate in tournaments.

Reason for Nomination: We have put thousands of hours of making the styles, custom hacks, file edits, and other tweak to bring together the perfect place for music fans to get together and talk about anything and everything. We started out as a small site with less than 100 active users and now have almost 1000 active users with just over 5000 users registered. Today our members are proud to be a member of the site. Originally we based around the MTV show TRL, and have grown to expand a wide variety of music, movies, and current events. Even prior to the release of Vbulletin Blog we created our own way to blog, and have made several enhancements to the vbulletin code that works beautifully. The Styles alone have taken many man hours of careful tweaking and changing to bring a visually pleasing style that all users love. With different colors to choose from anyone can choose what ever color they want.

Old 21 Apr 2008, 18:58
tschai's Avatar
tschai tschai is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Real name: Tschai
Thumbs up Board Of The Month nominee:

Site Name:
Description: Exclusive Dutch-Turkish soccerforum. It's a niche forum actually. It's about football/soccer in Dutch, mainly by and for Turkish people... speaking Dutch. Go figure!
Reason for Nomination: Exclusive, Unique...and balls!

Why stands out of the crowd? Top 10 reasons:
  1. Original and unique: the 'clean and fresh' template is fully custom and is made in sparetime. Almost every button, icon and other grafx is customized aka replaced by a famfamfam-icon.
  2. Exclusive: free registration, but you're expected to fully participate. We dare to choose for quality instead of quantity!
  3. Delicate balance besteen Web 2.0 and old-skool-forum: I wanted all the Web 2.0 goodies, my members were just happy with vBulltein default install
  4. Ad-free: for logged in users, that is...
  5. Dymamic headers: every (sub)forum has it's own forumheader
  6. Iconized: Every category has it's own slik and distinguising icon
  7. Optimal (re-)use of navbits: on forumhome and vBA, the navbar is reserved for a banner
  8. SEO'd: actually only manually, without vBSEO of ZOINT SEO
  9. vB-Optimized: every unused whitespace and built-in function (like forumjump) stripped
  10. A 'clean and healthy' community: on regular basis we clean up our userbase. No-posters, double-accounts and pain in the asses are removed. That's why our record was just 300 users and we've kicked out a bunch of them!

Links to some pages:
Main page/vBadvanced portal
Hall of Fame: the Awards page
A random topic

PS: The Beta in the version number is not a Web 2.0 feature; it's really in beta and it's not perfect at all...yet!

PS: The site is currently only optimized for Firefox...
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Old 22 Apr 2008, 21:33
Pinten1337 Pinten1337 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Site Name:
Description: Portal for nordic culture, identity and tradition

Reason for Nomination: Offical Launch date was April 18th 2007. Really nice portal

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