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Old 06 Oct 2008, 03:52
[February / March 2009] BOTM Nomination Thread

This is the nomination thread for Board of the Month of December 2008 / January 2009.

Please note the BOTM Rules here:

Nominations will be accepted until the 30th of November 2008.

When nominating please post the site name, URL to the forum, a short description what makes your board stand out from default vBulletin, and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination. If the staff feels that a nomination post is too promotional it will be edited accordingly.

Any sites without a name, URL, description and reason for nomination will NOT be entered into the poll. Please ensure that your nomination is in the format:

Originally Posted by Sample Nomination
Site Name:
URL: - this must be clickable
Description: Official vBulletin Modifications Site
Reason for Nomination: Not Nominated. This is an example nomination.

When seconding sites, please ensure that you use the same post for the maximum of 3 allowed seconds. Any seconds not located in your first seconding post will not be counted. Please also ensure that you quote the nomination post you are seconding in your post (Use Multi-Quote Option if you are nomination multiple boards). If there is no name or URL provided then the post will be ignored when the nominations are counted.

Also, please make sure that you are seconding a forum that has already been nominated by its forum owner. Any seconds for a forum that has not been nominated yet will be counted as null and void.

Please posts only nominations or seconds, no "Thank you" posts are needed, they clutter the thread and will be deleted.

Any queries regarding the BOTM Contests should be sent via PM to Danny.VBT.

Best of luck to all nominees!
Old 06 Oct 2008, 04:09
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veenuisthebest veenuisthebest is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: Vinayak
Site Name: Tech555


Description: Tech555 is a community of webmasters and people interested discussing and sharing knowledge related to programming, mobiles/smartphones, web development, graphics and designing, internet and software, games and much more.

Reason for Nomination:

Its my site and that is the main reason for nomination Do check it out !

Thank you

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Old 06 Oct 2008, 04:40
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Join Date: May 2004
Talk Jesus Forums - Bible Answers & Questions

Site Name: Talk Jesus
Description: True Non-Denominational Christian Website, 100% Scripture Based
Reason for Nomination:

Talk Jesus is a very clean forum, no advertisements anywhere and not cluttered. It is completely organized, fast loading pages, well moderated and 100% sincere to its purpose which is: discussions of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ (GOD) and preaching the truth as told by Scripture. There is no room to allow for personal religious/own version of GOD and the Holy Bible. It does not allow for debates, therefore refraining from being hypocritical of its sole purpose.

The forum is very friendly, honest, edifying. There are over 300+ arcade games all family friendly/kid safe as well. A lot of great features including personal journals, prayer events, hundreds of testimonies of miracles performed by GOD in people's personal encounters, complete online Bible in 24 translations, bible dictionary, colorful high quality Scriptural maps, a high quality live chat room that is actually stable on high number of concurrent chatters.

The forum is very active, nearly 12,000 members and on average about 50-100 posts per day. All registrations are moderated first to weed out any potential troublemakers with ill motives. All photos are also moderated first as well for obvious reasons. Talk Jesus forums has a built in live chat with over 70+ songs in a neatly integrated mp3 player (left column of the live chat). Our chat is able to handle well over 50 concurrent users, especially during our occasional massive prayer events.

Talk Jesus has many awesome features to make it a one-for-all amazing experience to be part of the community. A quick run down of the features provided are (mostly mods taken from this site, approximately 90 mods installed currently)...
  • personal journals
  • live chat w/ mp3 player
  • iSpy
  • Tag Clouds view & search
  • arcade games with 300+ kid-safe games, nicely categorized
  • streaming radio & tv player of Christian stations, via a small pop-up window
  • Stumble Upon like feature, shows random threads upon click
  • Bible Glossary - over 500+ terms included
  • High quality Bible / Scripture Maps (over 100+)
  • Complete online Bible in dozen+ translations, MHC, search function, etc
  • Scriptural Answers (ie, FAQ like questions/answers on common Bible topics) alphabetically sorted in a dedicated forum.
Talk Jesus Forums: Christian Chat
games . chat . gallery . bible . videos
Old 06 Oct 2008, 06:53
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Real name: Shlomo Tommer
Thumbs up tsConnections - Learning more about yourself and others

Site Name: Top Synergy Connections


Description: tsConnections is a free-for-all community that offers a variety of tools, know-how, and support to those who want to learn as much as possible about themselves, others, and their potential compatibility.

Reason for Nomination:
  • Through extensive use of PHP module programming and userfield table, each member is a click away from his phsycological, numerolgical, and astrological profiles and forecasts, as well as other self-awareness tools. View here member's current options.
  • Subject to member's permissions (world | members | friends | member only), members can study each other's profiles and reports. Click on reports in the Get to Know this Member block on topsynergy's profile page.
Note: We have set a test user for your convenience. Username: test | Password: testing.

Thanks for your vote of confidence and encouragement.
Attached Images
File Type: gif topsynergy.gif (5.2 KB, 23 views)
Cheers to all,
Shlomo Tommer

tsConnections | Celebrities Galore

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Old 06 Oct 2008, 08:14
jacki jacki is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Site Name:


Description: our forum has 12 main categories 159 sub kategories. Members organize meetings and make friendship

Reason for Nomination: our forum will be one year old on july of 2. we want to see our forum on that poll on our first year. We made 177.000 members and 2.700.000 posts. We want to show that success here

Langue : Turkish

User Test

User : testuser
pass: test
Attached Images
File Type: jpg anasayfa.jpg (119.4 KB, 62 views)
File Type: jpg alt.jpg (96.2 KB, 32 views)
Old 06 Oct 2008, 08:46
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Real name: Paul Stout
Site Name: MyMMOGames - Multiplayer Gaming and Media Community
Description: MMORPG Community Fansite
Reason for Nomination: Seamless MediaWiki/vBulletin integration. Single sign-on between both applications - MediaWiki SSO plugin coded from scratch. Completely custom skin; identical look & feel across all aspects of the site. vBadvanced used for more than home portal; manages content rich pages properly SEO'd and CRO rewrites for vBa pages.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 10:21
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Real name: Martin Venema
Site Name:
Description: A forum dedicated to the Sony PSP, you can find all info about homebrew and custom firmware on the site in dutch.
Reason for Nomination: We have just reached 35.000 members, and I just finished the new layout for the site which you can see when you click the link.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 12:01
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ArnyVee ArnyVee is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Site Name: Walt Disney Boards


Description: Forum discussing the genius of Walter Elias Disney. We discuss everything from Pixar to the Parks and everything in between!

Reason for Nomination: Although we are only in our 5th month of operation, the community is already very active (25K posts). We have many features on the site which add to our member's online experience. Some of the features include....
  • WDB Radio - mp3 Player with Disney themed playlists
  • WDB Podcast - Connecting with Disney fans around the world
  • WDB Quizzes - Test your knowledge of Walt Disney and more
  • WDB Tube - Watch Disney related videos or search for your own
  • WDB Chat - Featured chats and LIVE trivia challenges for Disney fans
  • Disney Tic Tac Toe - Challenge yourself to win or make it easy

....and much more!

The Walt Disney Boards also have 24-hour moderation along with various multi-level guards against SPAM. The WDB family of sites also include our newest social networking site, Walt Disney Buddies: Where Disney Fans Become Disney Fans and soon to come Walt Disney Blogs. But, the anchor of the 'family' is definitely our forums...the Walt Disney Boards.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 12:24
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: F0xy
Site Name: What's Your View? | Home of Debates and Opinions


Description: Debate and Opinions on Celebrities, TV, Entertainment, Sport and Media news. Integrated blog and forum for the ultimate member involvement to discuss current affairs.

Reason for Nomination: Customized homepage, blog and forum with a new style to give us a unique feel in a difficult niche, we have reached over 5000 members since the site launched in May 2008. Added an orignal tv guide for members before sharing the mod with fellow members of

Latest stats can be found here
Old 06 Oct 2008, 12:50
Shazz's Avatar
Shazz Shazz is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Utah
Real name: Shawn
Site name: Sound District


Description: This is music networking community for music lovers, artists and anyone who is interested in music.

Getting better as a writer or an artist can be a daunting task, but its much easier to succeed if you can benefit from the experiences of other artists and music fans here at Sound District. All of the content on this web site comes from people who have been successful artists, writing and know alot about music. Their experience and expertise is here to help you.

Read on through the forum, we have packed it full of alot of useful information for anything music related and other needs.

Reason for nomination: I feel the style is perfect, and everything is setup professionally.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 13:14
MrEyes MrEyes is offline
Join Date: Nov 2004
Site Name: The Rev Counter - The Motorbike Community

TRC is a community for people who share a common interest in motorbikes. TRC provides forums, blogs, classified listings, games, streaming media and above all an active and busy community.

Reason for Nomination
If goes without saying that one of the main reasons for nominating TRC is that I would like to have a go at winning BOTM. However to be in with a chance there should be good reasons why TRC stands out. For me as site administrator my "mission statement" (pardon the jargon) is to strive to keep every community member happy all of the time, the details below show how I am working towards this.

The Setup
  • My Forum - This is a great feature that allows members to view the forums in the way they want (I have published this mod here)
  • vBAdvanced - This is used as the sites primary homepage and displays a summary of everything that is happening on the site (i.e. latest posts, random albums, social group information, site statistics etc).
  • VBClassifieds - Allows all registered members to sell their stuff
  • GARS - Geek Article & Review System - Allows all registered members to create reviews relevant to Motorbikes. This will shortly be extended to include articles.
  • TRC Games - Here members can play games via ibProArcade (over 300) and VB Casino, member statistics are displayed in postbit.
  • TRC Media - Members here can listen to and watch streamed media. This is regularly used by members to watch motorbike races while discussing them on the forums. Why watch at home on your own when you can watch and discuss with 100's of other people!
  • Social Forums - If a social group reaches 10 or more members the group starter is given the opportunity to start a forum for their group. This has prooved to be a well excepted addition to the site as it allows group members to discuss their interests without others, who are not interested in the subject,
  • All Albums - Displays a sortable list of all public albums.
  • Post Thanks - Everybody likes to be appreciated, through this addon community members can thank each other for useful posts.
  • Google Search Integration - In addition to the standard vBulletin search features both registered and guest visitors can search the site, via fully integrated pages, with Google.
  • Blogs - Member blogs powered by vBulletin Blog.
  • Styles - In addition to the changes to the default style (some might say that this is bland however it has been specifically designed to be work friendly), there are also a series of other styles added to the site. In addition to this a mobile device style can be accessed via
  • Enhanced RSS - Using the inbuilt VB RSS system site related news items are pulled down into a dedicated forum. If a member posts a comment on an RSS thread then this is automatically moved to the main discussion forum. This means that RSS posts don't get in the way of normal day to day discussion.
  • SEO - Optimises the site for search engines, which attracts more people to the community. This is also used to submit site-maps to all major search engines. I have spent a considerable amount of time optimising TRC for SEO, this time investment is really starting to pay dividends.

So there you have it!

As per the nomination guidelines I have done my best to keep this short and sweet while still showcasing the best features TRC has to offer, I hope you believe it is worth your second.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 16:13
Originally Posted by Lizard King View Post
Site Name: LacivertSarı

i understand nothing of the site content, but i like it... (call me stupid)

i second this entry!

--------------- Added 06 Oct 2008 at 16:14 ---------------

Originally Posted by Shazz View Post
Site name: Sound District

oh, and i second this one... i was a solid fight ... GRRR

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Old 06 Oct 2008, 18:06
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Real name: Cor
Originally Posted by chadi View Post
Site Name: Talk Jesus
Originally Posted by Lizard King View Post
Site Name: LacivertSarı
I second both entries.
Turning Strigoi? Vampire Academy - Bta.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 22:21
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Join Date: May 2007
Site Name: TankSpot

Description: TankSpot is a World of Warcraft niche fansite which covers MMO tanking and guild management.

Reason for Nomination: Clean, unique design and navigation; integration of a variety of popular modifications.
Old 06 Oct 2008, 23:09
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Join Date: Sep 2005
Originally Posted by Ciderhelm View Post
Site Name: TankSpot

Description: TankSpot is a World of Warcraft niche fansite which covers MMO tanking and guild management.

Reason for Nomination: Clean, unique design and navigation; integration of a variety of popular modifications.

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