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Old 10 Apr 2009, 15:07
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Real name: Jeremy
June / July BotM Nominations

This is the nomination thread for Board of the Month of June / July 2009.

Please note the BOTM Rules here:

Nominations will be accepted until the 31st of July 2009.

When nominating please post the site name, URL to the forum, a short description what makes your board stand out from default vBulletin, and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination. If the staff feels that a nomination post is too promotional it will be edited accordingly.

Any sites without a name, URL, description and reason for nomination will NOT be entered into the poll. Please ensure that your nomination is in the format:

Originally Posted by Sample Nomination
Site Name:
URL: - this must be clickable
Description: Official vBulletin Modifications Site
Reason for Nomination: Not Nominated. This is an example nomination.
When seconding sites, please ensure that you use the same post for the maximum of 3 allowed seconds. Any seconds not located in your first seconding post will not be counted. Please also ensure that you quote the nomination post you are seconding in your post (Use Multi-Quote Option if you are nomination multiple boards). If there is no name or URL provided then the post will be ignored when the nominations are counted.

Also, please make sure that you are seconding a forum that has already been nominated by its forum owner. Any seconds for a forum that has not been nominated yet will be counted as null and void.

Please posts only nominations or seconds, no "Thank you" posts are needed, they clutter the thread and will be deleted.

Any queries regarding the BOTM Contests should be sent via PM to King Kovifor or an administrator.

Best of luck to all nominees!
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Old 10 Apr 2009, 15:18
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veenuisthebest veenuisthebest is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: Vinayak
Site Name: India Talks
Description: Where India actually talks!
Reason for Nomination: An online community exclusively for Indians and for all the people around the globe who love India.
Old 10 Apr 2009, 16:51
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Real name: F0xy
Site Name: What's Your View? - Because it Matters!


Description: What's Your View? - Debate and Opinions on Celebrities, TV, Entertainment, Sport and Media news

Reason for Nomination: Just designed a new skin and have reached over 8000 new members in less than 9 months. Recently won board of the month on vbulletinsetup and would love the same recognition from the super webmasters on
Old 10 Apr 2009, 19:32
Jaxel Jaxel is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
I would like to once again nominate my forum...

Site Name: 8WayRun
Description: Soulcalibur (Soul Calibur) for the hardcore enthusiast! A Tournament Competitive Community for the Soul Calibur series. 8WR is the home for the English speaking competitive community for this popular fighting game. With members all around the world; gamers get together to share ideas, strategy and good ole' competition. We are also the forefront of the Soulcalibur IV National Tournament series and supply event planning tools to tournament organizers.

Reason for Nomination:
  • Fully skinned interface (multiple skins available). Each skin has custom header images; when you first visit the site, your header image will be randomly selected based on a character within the game. When you visit any character specific forum; the header image will be forced into the header image for that specific character. If you go to the Talim forum, Talim will be in the header; If you go to the Cassandra forum, Cassandra will be in the header, etc... With an account, you can even bypass the random selection and decide which character you wish to show by default.
  • In depth video directory. I am the author of the Video Directory Remixed mod; so you can pretty much guarantee that I make use of it. The video section has videos from tons of players, including match videos for money matches, casual matches and even tournament matches. Some players have even uploaded combo and training videos.
  • Worldwide ranking ladder for players who attend sanctioned offline tournaments. Players are ranked based on their best performances, which are calculated from the number of attendees and the percieved weight value of the tournament.
  • Weekly Online Ranking Battles. While the majority of the community cares little for online matches (we are a serious community, and online battles is to say "less than serious"); we still offer weekly tournaments through the online networks of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Players can also challenge other players; as well as TEAMS, to ladder matches to improve their rank.
  • In depth move list WIKI. While the Wiki is still incomplete (since the competitive community gets ZERO support from the developers at Namco Bandai); all the information in the wiki is being discovered and implemented by the users. So each day, new information gets added to the wiki and soon it will be a central information cache for frame data and move lists.
  • Event Forum with RSVP.
  • Java based chatroom.
  • Arcade with 20 games.
Old 10 Apr 2009, 21:14
820Media 820Media is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Real name: Greg
Site Name: JetGaming
Description: JetGaming - Gaming Mayhem - Gaming video's reviews and loads more, want a well mannered and mature community? well there is one right here. Come join free now! With weekly updates its always fun!
Reason for Nomination:

~ Gaming Videos
~ Reviews
~ Free Live Support
~ TopSite Listing
~ Weekly Updates
~ Gaming Themes - vbskinworks
~ Easyer navigation
~ Affiliates/Links
~ V.I.P Membership - Optional
~ Well Moderated
~ Events
~ Most important friendly, well mannered & mature community.

Last edited by 820Media; 15 Apr 2009 at 20:45.
Old 10 Apr 2009, 21:45
JesterP JesterP is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Thumbs up

I would like to nominate my forum:

Site Name: Wizard101 Central


Description: A thriving kid friendly fansite for the game Wizard101. We have many modifications integrated including a PvP area for our members to challenge others and a very popular forum gold store.

Reason for Nomination: We have a very loyal userbase that grows by 100-150 each day and currently have reached almost 12k members in 8 months. We have received many compliments from adults and children alike regarding the friendliness of the community and attractive graphics. The developers of the game frequent our site daily and we hold contests where the prizes are donated to us by the developers of Wizard101, Kingsisle. We do serve ads to non members, but once registered and logged in they go away. Our site staff is second to none and all are very dedicated to keeping the forum safe for children.

Test Account:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

We hope to be in the running for this contest!!

Thank you


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Old 11 Apr 2009, 01:03
fattony69 fattony69 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Real name: Tony
Site Name: The Best Forum Ever


Description: This is a forum that provides you a home to talk about everything you can think of. We are a bunch of people who enjoy many topics of discussion. We love to play video games, watch & make videos, enjoy photoshop, talk sports and politics, and more. Besides that, we have many contests and are an extremely friendly community.

Reason for Nomination: Recently, we updated to version 3 of the site's existence by revamping the whole forum totally from the skin to the modifications. We have a custom skin that is extremely easy to navigate and many unique modifications that aren't found on any other forum. We provide many resources, reviews, services, and more. We try to provide a utopia for everyone to join in and discuss whatever you want.

Test Account -

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The Best Forum Ever!
Old 11 Apr 2009, 03:06
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TimberFloorAu TimberFloorAu is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Real name: Blue
Site Name: British Expats Australia
Description: The British Expat Forum is a discussion board for expatriates around the world. Moving to , Living in and Migrating to Australia

Members: 583
Founded: May 2008
Demographic: Niche expatriate forum for people moving to Australia
Style: Majority of offtopic banter and fun.

Test Account:
pass test1234

Reason for nomination:

As with hundreds of other hardened Vbulletin users, we have tweaked, modded hacked and revamped our forum to what it is today. All of my team work extremely hard behind the scenes.
We have dedicated moderators, who actually engage in running their own forums, and have a partcular area of expertise, be that News section, Entertainment, and such things as Events and Gambling.

Its a fun site, and what we get from the Vb community we try and give back equally, to strengthen our relationships with other Forum owners, coders and members.



My Hacks [ click ] | Steve ~ Administrator for British Expats | Test our forum - user; don pass; pass123
Sports Tipping Mod - coming February 2010 ~ Show your Interest !
Old 11 Apr 2009, 03:53
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Jasem Jasem is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006


Description: For all the latest in Nokia mobile phone handsets, music downloads accessories software Games Application, guides and mobile support

Reason for Nomination: Characterized our forum Balbasath and classical in design, but we have an outstanding team in the programming and modify applications and Mobile Games and translated into Arabic, in addition, the Forum is open to visitors, including the download attached files
Forum Nokia
Old 11 Apr 2009, 09:47
pewa pewa is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Site Name:


Description: A swedish motorcycle community

Reason for Nomination: I've recently moved over to vBulletin from SMF and I'm really pleased with the result! I think the site has got a nice layout, is easy to navigate and a good example of how vBulletin can be used with modifications.
Old 11 Apr 2009, 11:54
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Site Name: Blues Brothers Central (The Soul Food Cafe Forum)
Description: The forum for Blues Brothers Central, based on the Soul Food Cafe in the Blues Brothers Movie
Reason for Nomination: The forum has a heavily customized theme (created by myself), with original artwork/graphics. It completely fits in with the topic of the site ("The Blues Brothers"), and it's instantly recognizable by fans.

The forum uses vBSEO to boost loading speed, it gets a lot of traffic from Google searches looking for information from the movie. It's important that those people can get the information they need without being forced to register, or wait for a slow page covered in advertising to load.

It has customized icons for each forum, as well as a Games Arcade and Chatroom ("Bob's Country Bunker"). The forum is well moderated and maintained, and there has always been a great sense of community amongst the members.

The advertising is relatively low, and much of it only displays to unregistered members.

There's still plenty of work to be done, the main website is 95% rebuilt (from scratch) and will integrate much closer with the forum. The last 5 threads will be displayed on the homepage, and related threads will display on other pages throughout the site (ie Dan Aykroyd's page will show the last 5 threads in the Dan Aykroyd forum, and so on).
Blues Brothers Central
The Internet's Largest Blues Brothers Fansite

The Soul Food Cafe - Proudly vBulletin Powered
Old 11 Apr 2009, 17:24
basil2070 basil2070 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Site Name: CompleteThoughts
Description: A social network for members to come and express whatever thoughts or feelings they may have,
Reason for Nomination: We aren't your ordinary general chat forum where the same stupid topics are posted. We have fun, in depth conversations. We aren't a website, we are a family.

Old 11 Apr 2009, 19:44
Ocean-Wonders Ocean-Wonders is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Site Name: Ocean-Wonders
Description: On-line fish keepers community
Reason for Nomination: We are a true on-line community, with a fun, friendly, relaxed and inviting atmosphere. We actively encourage members to ask the questions they are to worried about asking on other forums of the same context. We have been established for little over 8 months and at the time of writing we have over 270 members, 1900 threads and over 21,000 posts. We have been visited over 100,000 times ! Customised forums integrated with vbadvanced. Lots of extra features including poker table, games arcade, living avatars, classifieds and casino.

Last edited by Ocean-Wonders; 11 Apr 2009 at 20:13.
Old 12 Apr 2009, 09:12
thcf thcf is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
I'd like to nominate:

Site Name: THCfarmer


Description: thcfarmer is a medical marijuana community

Stats: Threads: 7,259, Posts: 125,261, Members: 3,742, Active Members: 1,520

Reason for Nomination: We are trying hard to become one of the friendliest and most useful medical marijuana forums online. I have spent a considerable amount of time giving vBulletin a unique, one of a kind, custom look in layout and colors. We have also had alot of custom designed addons.
Old 12 Apr 2009, 21:28
PixelFx PixelFx is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
I'd like to add my personal site for nomination:

Site Name: OrBSydia DevNetwork


Description: OrBSydia is hobbiest based site for gaming development, and creative outlet. The sites been revamped as of january 2009, however has been online for more than 18 years now.

Reason for Nomination: Shows off the best of vbulletin, addons, and custom hacks we made with vbcredits etc. And it would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This site's been a passion for many years now.

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