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[Shout/Chatbox 0.7.06] GCBOS - Generic Chat Box Operating System Details »
[Shout/Chatbox 0.7.06] GCBOS - Generic Chat Box Operating System
Mod Version: 0.8.02, by MyChemicalSelf (Member) MyChemicalSelf is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2018 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 4.0.x Rating: (40 votes - 4.60 average) Installs: 367
Released: 15 Nov 2009 Last Update: 19 Apr 2010 Downloads: 5002
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Additional Files Translations  

GCBOS - Generic Chat Box Operating System
by VertiCode UK

GCBOS is a command-based chat client written in PHP for vBulletin 3 & 4, the original modification was written by dinnerbone for vBulletin 3.7.

-vBulletin 3.8

-Topic and Reply notifications
-Simple to use commands
-Chat permissions
-Hide chatbox from usergroups
-Allow guests to view
-The ability to use similes and BB code
-Show who is using GCBOS on who's online
-Edit and delete messages
-Ability to prune the chat

Otaku Studios

- Impersonate: Makes <user> say <message ...>
- Usage: /say <user> <message ...>
- Example: /say "Basfreak" I like to touch myself at night.
- Mute User: Mutes <user>, preventing them from talking.
- Usage: /mute <user ..>
- Example: /mute Forum Troll
- Unmute User: Unmutes <user>, allowing them to talk.
- Usage: /unmute <user ..>
- Example: /unmute Forum Troll
- Edit Message: Edits message <messageid>, setting the new text to <message ..>
- Usage: /edit <messageid> <message ..>
- Example: /edit 1337 I'm in your message, stealing your texts.
- Delete message: Deletes message <messageid>.
- Usage: /delete <messageid>
- Example: /delete 1497
- Toggle Truesight: If enabled allows you to see who actually sent a message
- Usage: /truesight <0 or 1>
- Example: /truesight 1
- Clear Messages: Clears GCBOS, deleting all messages. Only you will see this.
- Usage: /clear
- Example: /clear
- List Muted Users: Lists all muted users
- Usage: /listmuted
- Example: /listmuted
- Private Message: Sends a private message to <user>
- Usage: /pm <user> <message ...>
- Example: /pm "Kanye West" Do you like fishsticks?
- List Ignored: Lists all users you are currently ignoring
- Usage: /listignores
- Example: /listignores
- Ignore User: Ignores all messages from <username ...>, preventing them from showing.
- Usage: /ignore <username ...>
- Example: /ignore Just Another Forum Troll
- Unignore User: Stops messages from <username ...> from being ignored.
- Usage: /unignore <username ...>
- Example: /unignore Dinnerbone
- Set Notice: Sets the notice to <notice>
- Usage: /notice <message ..>
- Example: /notice Welcome your new overlords!
- User Action: Perform an action, useful for role playing.
- Usage: /me <action ...>
- Example: /me dances
- Help: Displays this help menu
- Usage: /help
- Example: /help
- Prune Messages: Deletes all messages in GCBOS, this cannot be undone
- Usage: /prune
- Example: /prune

When using a command with 'parameters', you may either enter each parameter in the form of:
/command param1 param2 param3
However if the parameter contains spaces you must enclose it in quotes, such as:
/command "parameter 1" 'parameter2' param3.
You may edit messages by double clicking on them (If you have permission to do so), delete messages by clicking on the '#' in front of your messages, send a user a private message by single clicking their name, or speed up/slow down the speed messages are typed at by pressing the 'up' or 'down' arrow keys on your keyboard.

GCBOS was released under the MPL on google code please see or view LICENSE.txt

-vBulletin 4.x
-Litespeed webserver
-PHP 5.2.x
-PHP 5.3 (if references are enabled)

PHP 5.3
For GCBOS to work with PHP 5.3 you must have
set to
-Upload the contents of the upload folder
-Import product-gcbos.xml
-Set usergroup permissions
-Insert <!-- {SHOUTBOX} --> into the template you want it to display in (EG FORUMHOME, FORUMDISPLAY) or at the bottom of navbar
-Navigate to vBulletin Settings->GCBOS set the forum restrictions to disable topic notifications or disable them by selecting no
-For 0.7.07 and above i reccomend installing the following modification ( to add GCBOS to your navbar (

-Overwrite all files then import the product
-Edit permissions as required

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.


Supporters / CoAuthors


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Old 12 Nov 2011, 18:01
nima6's Avatar
nima6 nima6 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Is this mod working fine? Im seeing a lot of posts talking about the mod not working the way intended. Is that true?
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Old 14 Nov 2011, 17:29
Ziki's Avatar
Ziki Ziki is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005

Great mod! I wanted to invert the message order (put input field on top and messages will appear below), but I only managed to reverse the display order of the messages. However when I post a new message, it gets appended below and because my lack of javascript knowledge, I do not know how to change that

How would I do that?

My free mods~click here
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Old 14 Nov 2011, 22:36
nima6's Avatar
nima6 nima6 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
just installed it. Works like a charm in V4
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Old 11 Dec 2011, 00:39
januszmk6 januszmk6 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Is possible to change a way of showing messages? I would like to shoutbox show messages without any displays effects.
thanks in advance
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Old 13 Dec 2011, 21:12
doc fluty doc fluty is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
I installed it and it works great!

But how to I get it to show up like you have in the demo - [Today 2:24pm]

mine shows up #16:02 and then the user name....

thanks for the plug in and support!
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Old 08 Jun 2012, 16:37
AddwireCom AddwireCom is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
Ok im 15 pages deep in this mess. I really have high hopes for this mod. I'm getting Now Loading... you can visit my website at and it's on the right widget. Any help would be appreciated to making sure this works..

also I didnt see any instructions about editing the header_include in the instructions. I seen people talk about it a few times. but I really want to know if there are any clear set of instructions on how to get this to work?
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Old 26 Jul 2012, 10:03
flyrib flyrib is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Chatbox is gone!

Hello, Ive used this fantastic chatbox the past years, but now when Ive updated the vb4 from version 4 to 4.20, the chatbox disappeared ! Please help anybody!
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Old 04 Sep 2012, 18:19
nima6's Avatar
nima6 nima6 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
How can i put the chat box below the forum's main area?
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Old 09 Dec 2012, 15:47
MyChemicalSelf's Avatar
MyChemicalSelf MyChemicalSelf is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Real name: Jordan
I have some free time coming up in the next few weeks I'll try get this working again in vB4.2 sorry for not being around work caught up with me.
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Old 19 Jan 2014, 17:05
Betoworld Betoworld is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
does it work with v4.2.2?
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Old 04 Mar 2014, 07:04
Raz0r. Raz0r. is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
I've loved this GCBOS ever since I saw it on a forum I modded a few years back, and I've always used this on my vB4 forums.
Originally Posted by Betoworld View Post
does it work with v4.2.2?
Both yes and no. Yes, if you edit it. No, if you just install it as is.

If you install it now, it WILL give you the error "Call-time-pass-by-reference has been removed from line 125 in public_html/root_folder/includes/class_gcbos.php"

However there's an easy quickfix for this.
Go into line 125 in class_gcbos.php. It'll say
$done = call_user_func($command['function'], $this, $command, $params, $message, &$output);//Fix for PHP5.3+
All you need to do is find "&$output" and remove "&" from it. Then it'll look like this;

$done = call_user_func($command['function'], $this, $command, $params, $message, $output);//Fix for PHP5.3+
Which works fine on my forum.
Hope this helps!


Now you might encounter "Function split() is deprecated in gcbos.php on line 109"

Another quickfix is available for this. Go into gcbos.php on that line, and replace "split" with "explode".
/help doesn't work, but everything else should work fine. (Note, I haven't tried all the commands yet, but I assume that they work as /me, /prune and /notice works)

Last edited by Raz0r.; 04 Mar 2014 at 07:32.
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