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Old 05 Jul 2007, 13:48
Originally Posted by Dr.NoTime View Post
As with any business the owners are seeking a profit, so if they have an opportunity to better themselves, good deal. Only time will tell if the new owners keep the product first rate and affordable.
actually, they will keep it good priced or they will loose all the actual market. ... the new products released or to be released by Jelsoft are to be bought firstly by actual clients... if the prices higher even just a penny from the plans, they would loose everybody's perspective.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 13:51
Marco van Herwaarden Marco van Herwaarden is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
They have bought a brand that is not only depending on the product (vBulletin) but is also greatly depending on the name we have in the market regarding to the quality of the product and the support given.

I doubt I.B. will make any changes that would degrade the "value" of the brand. If they want to make a profit of the transaction then it does not seem wise to change the value the brand has in the market.

PS 'Profit' is not always measured in hard cash only.
Marco van Herwaarden
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 14:16
SkyCatcher's Avatar
SkyCatcher SkyCatcher is offline
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Nah, I.B. uses VB for all their stuff and they just got tired of hiring coders to make stuff for them so they just bought the Jelsoft Company to make more stuff for them.

Hey, could be true lol.
Spirit Walkers
Old 05 Jul 2007, 14:20
sola sola is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Originally Posted by Dr.NoTime View Post
As with any business the owners are seeking a profit, so if they have an opportunity to better themselves, good deal.
Most whiners here would sell there big forums in a blink if a good enough offer comes in. So why tie Jelsoft's hands? Some of these responses are so retarded, its even worse than childish. We can only hope the big gun running the show keep the focus on the customer, that's all. If they don't, another product will benefit from the repercussion.

Now let's quit whining already. It isn't like its going to reverse the sale anyhow...
Old 05 Jul 2007, 14:51
sabret00the's Avatar
sabret00the sabret00the is offline
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Real name: sabe
I think ultimately every software developer wants one of two things, to either control the market being the biggest, the best and having subsidiaries like Microsoft OR to have their product brought out by one of the aforementioned companies. I would've hoped that Jelsoft would've held out for a Silicon Valley style company that specialises in software development as opposed to opportunist investors looking to make some money but alas. All bets are off as to the future of Jelsoft, but i suspect, or should i say hope that 4.0 won't be affected by this acquisition.
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 15:09
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projectego projectego is offline
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Good to see vBulletin moving up in the world.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 15:29
amnesia623 amnesia623 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Real name: Blur

good luck to vB and hopefully the new company will stay silent in day to day activities.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 16:02
EnIgMa1234 EnIgMa1234 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Real name: David
This is kind of like when the American took over Manchester Utd
Old 05 Jul 2007, 16:26
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Wayne Luke Wayne Luke is offline
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Originally Posted by nexialys View Post
actually, negociations for aquiring Jelsoft did not start 2 days before the announcement... and i'm sure it is not from last week either... so i suppose the IB guys had something in mind when they posted this job call...
It has been there for months and its probably to manage their hundreds of vBulletin licenses.
Wayne Luke
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 18:52
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Princeton Princeton is offline
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the more you look into this deal the more you realize that this could be a great thing for any new social-networking features .. vast amounts of money, servers, and resources

for example, why ping/direct to technorati when you can create your own network? (just throwing ideas)
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 18:57
JeffJo JeffJo is offline
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Originally Posted by Wayne Luke View Post
Microsoft investing hundreds of millions into Apple Computer Inc. in the mid-90s to prevent the company from going into bankruptcy and closing.
Nah, what actually happened was that Microsoft paid Apple money for Apple to put Office and Internet Explorer on the Mac. It was a software monopoly move by Microsoft.

The money involved was US $150 million, which was certainly not to "save Apple." Apple's loss - on paper - in 1997 was about $800 million, but Apple still had a cash reserve. You have to be careful when you read financial statements.

Gates was trying to take advantage of Apple's temporary financial weakness to get Office and IE as default software products on the Mac, and further monopolize computer software in general. Part of the deal was to have Macs ship with Office installed, and with IE as the default browser.

So, Gates made a software monopoly move, Jobs said "okay, Bill," and took the money with a smile. And now, sure Office is still common on the Mac, but IE, which was supposed to be the default Mac browser, doesn't even exist on the Mac anymore (except in discontinued legacy software.) Microsoft did get access to Apple patents, but MS hasn't done piddle with that, that anybody can see, and it's been 10 years. Vista, anybody? Jobs basically took Gates to the cleaners.

But back to the vB saga. Has Internet Brands issued any official statement? The most recent thing I saw on their website was from May.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 19:10
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Wayne Luke Wayne Luke is offline
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That's not the way Steve Jobs explained it in an Interview with the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago but okay.
Wayne Luke
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Old 05 Jul 2007, 20:04
it is not the way Jobs and Gates described it in the D5:

Old 05 Jul 2007, 20:10
Yours Truly's Avatar
Yours Truly Yours Truly is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Real name: Dan Gamble
There is all this mention of them having most of their websites run with vBulletin
, if this is the case i really can't see this being a bad problem.

Looking through some of their sites they are pretty big forums that have been going on for a long time, so more than likely they have a vast amount of experience with vBulletin from its early stages so they know the system as well as most of you claim to do.

So it's not really some stranger company coming in hearing that vBulletin is the leader with Bulletin Boards. And trying to force their ideas upon vBulletin not really knowing what vBulletin is about.

It is a company with a vast amount of experience in this field. So at the end of the day when vBulletin was going to be bought out (was pretty inevitable really) then this must have been one of the best companies you could have asked for to buy out vBulletin. Like i say they must have a vast amount of experience with vBulletin since most of their sites use it instead of IPB.

What i'm trying to say really is this is better than some money grabbing company coming in with no idea of what vBulletin is, how it works and what it is used for. This is a company who must have masses of experience with the product looking at the age of some of their sites with vBulletin on.
Old 05 Jul 2007, 21:20
Does everybody remember what happened to Madrona Park / Infopop when it tried to expand?
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