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[kerk] Files Manager Details »
[kerk] Files Manager
Mod Version: 1.1.4, by kotkerk (Coder/Designer) kotkerk is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.7 Rating: (3 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 15
Released: 27 Jun 2012 Last Update: 28 Jun 2012 Downloads: 61
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits Additional Files Translations  

Files Manager v 1.1.4 LITE
For vBulletin 3.8.4+ forums
by kerk

First release: 11.10.2009 on my forum
now it come here =)

Product features:

0 settings of Files Manager divided into groups (Commercial version*)
  • 1. Basic settings
  • 2. Storage and display files settings
  • 3. Image Settings
  • 4. Media Settings
  • 5. Statistics Settings
  • 6. Tags Settings (Commercial version*)
  • 7. Zip File Settings (Commercial version*)
  • 8. SWFUploader Settings (Commercial version*)
  • 9. Report File Settings (Commercial version*)

1 Categories
  • 1. Created categories and subcategories are sorted and ordered like vB forums
  • 2. Ability to set for each category of advanced settings
    • A-1. Meta Keywords (Commercial version*)
    • A-2. Set a password on a category
    • A-3. Require a password for the subcategories
    • A-4. Enable password (password will inherit from parent section)
    • A-5. Default Sort Field (Commercial version*)
    • A-6. Default Sort Order (Commercial version*)
    • b-1. Category or section
    • b-2. Allow to upload the files in the category
    • B-3. Allow add files to sale in this category (Commercial version*)
    • b-4. Moderate new files in the category
    • b-5. Members Area - files from the Category, marked as "Members Area", do not appear in the latest Top downloaded files (Commercial version*)
    • b-6. Allow to set the date of the term file storage (Commercial version*)
    • c-1. File types, allowed to upload into this category

2 Files
  1. Uploading and saving files in directories and sub-directories of the user ID (UserID: 12345, /path/to/downloads/1/2/3/4/5/file_ID_TIMENOW.dlfile)
  2. Saving files in any language before file is saved as a file system and * Nix-systems had problems with files names contain Cyrillic or non latin characters
    Now the files are saved with an ID file, the corresponding ID in the database table (Auto_increment): file_ID_TIMENOW.dlfile
    to download a file from the server, sent his real name
  3. Directory files can be placed above the directory site/forum that provides additional security resource as well as the inability to obtain direct access to files
  4. Image files are saved in the file system for user ID: UserID: 12345, forumroot/downlimages/1/2/3/4/5/file_ID_image_ID.ext
  5. Support for resuming file
  6. Set a password on any file (option available only for groups that have the appropriate permissions)
    Logic of the use of passwords to files:
    = Set the password to a file on the add/edit
    must also generate a password for each user whom you want to give access to the file (without filling out a list of ID, see below)
    form of generating a password, the file is on the page (below the image)
    = If you are adding / editing a file in the "ID of users, add a list of ID, then _only_ these users will be able to download the file
    all others, when trying to access files and / or when you try to download direct link, the script will issue an error about a nonexistent file
    = ID's can be used with a password, but in this case, the file will be able to download the _only_ users who are on the list and _only_ in the presence of
    individually generated password for every user from this list
    = Options generate password (s) for Usery, will appear only if the password for the file is
    If ID's are not spelled out, the form appears with the input field ID Usery
    If registered, the page will be ready "button to generate a password, only users from the list
  7. Uploading files up to 700 MB, provided that in the PHP configuration exhibited appropriate permission
    Tested on a local server (Windows XP SP2, Apache)
  8. Adding files into the database Files Manager with FTP (the same server)
    In the settings specified directory for files
    that can be uploaded to FTP and later added to the Files Manager directly from the page file is added
    If this directory is not empty, the page file is added, will list the files in that directory (in the menu select)
    (Commercial version*)
  9. Adding a URL to the file instead of uploading the file to the server (on server stored only shortcut - file *.url, the size of a few bytes)
    Allowed Media services (Commercial version*):
  10. Mass move files in a different category (Commercial version*)
  11. Mass deletion files (Commercial version*)
  12. Mass approve/unupprove files (Commercial version*)
  13. Advanced file search across all categories or only for selected categories from the list (with possibility of search in sub-categoies too). (Commercial version*)
    simplified form of the search is on all pages on the Files Manager, appears when you click on the appropriate tab
  14. Sort and display order of files in category (Commercial version*):
    Date Added
    File Name
    File Size
    User (Uploader)
    display order - descending/ascending
    number of files on this page - select the menu from 10 to 60
  15. Work with archive files. (Commercial version*)
    View the contents of an archive without downloading (listing the folders and files in the archive)
  16. Ability to create playlists that users uploaded to Files Manager. (Commercial version*)
    Additional options:
    Enable/Disable Playlists
    maximum number of files added to the playlist (hard limit of 100 files)
    Storage Playlists: file system/database
    files will be stored in a directory of images, if you choose the first option
    2 query to the database, if you choose the second option

    Number of user's playlists unlimited
    On the Add a few tweaks Playlists player:
    1. checkbox Retry, if you choose - media files are played "NonStop", if removed - for each file will need to click Play
    2. checkbox "Autostart", if selected - when opening the playlist, playback starts automatically
    3. menu, select "Size" - the size of the flash player

    Supported file types:
    AUDIO - f4a, mp3
    VIDEO - flv, f4v, mp4, mov, iflv

    To add files to an existing playlist, you must:
    1. select the desired file on the "Media Files" page
    2. go to Playlists and click "Edit"
    3. on the edit page, check/uncheck (checkboxes)
    4. Save Playlist

    Can create playlists, all registered users located in the groups who are allowed to download files
    Edit and/or delete playlists may writers and moderators * / Administrators

    - Members who are in groups who are allowed to moderate files in Files Manager
  17. Multiupload files using flash (SWFUploader). (Commercial version*)
    If this option is enabled in the admin panel and the user is enabled in your browser javascript,
    on "Add file" page, will be added upload form via flash.
    That would allow users to upload files via SWFUploader
    you must set appropriate permissions in the settings of the usergroups permissions and, if necessary, category permissions
  18. Transferring files from a specified directory on the server to the Files Manager. (Commercial version*)
    If you choose this method of upload files, you can select multiple files to import to the Files Manager
    Maximum number of files imported at one time is severely limited by twenty (20)
    Of course you can delete the copied files that would not occupy space on a server
    this requires that at least the directory where the files are transferred, were permissions to write a server (CHMOD 0777)
    This feature available only the Administrators group
  19. Multiversion files. (Commercial version*)
    When you add or edit a file, you can upload the new file with preservation of the old copies of the file
    Archived files stored as: - /YEAR/MONTH/DAY/DATE_ARCHIVED_fileID_DATE_ADDED.dlfile
  20. Files Manager included GetId3 library, to work with media files. (Commercial version*)
    Id3 information from filetypes:
    .aac .ac3 .aiff .au .midi .mp3 .mpg .mpeg .ogg
    .wav .asf .flv .wma .wmv .mkv .qt .avi .rm .mp4
    .mov .f4a .f4v .iflv .divx .flac .dts .mod .mid
    .ape .mp2 .mlp
  21. Save album cover from uploaded mp3 files. (Commercial version*)
  22. Save tags from uploaded mediafiles. (Commercial version*):
    Video Resolution
    Sample Rate
    Channel Mode
  23. Set Files priority (1 to 10). (Commercial version*)
  24. JWPlayer skinning settings. (Commercial version*)

3 Usergroup Permissions
General permissions for all groups
  • 1. Can view files - Yes / No
  • 2. Can download files - Yes / No
  • 3. Can upload files - Yes / No
  • 4. Can upload images to a files - Yes / No
  • 5. Can avoid moderation files - Yes / No
  • 6. Can edit own files - Yes / No
  • 7. Can delete own files - Yes / No
  • 8. Can view the Files Manager in a disabled mode - Yes / No
  • 9. Can view statistics - Yes / No
  • 10. Can use the search - Yes / No
  • 11. Can add a link to the file - Yes / No
  • 12. Can view the contents of the archive - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 13. Can use the SWFUploader - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 14. Can set storage period of file (Commercial version*)
  • 15. Maximum number of MB, the user can upload to a server per day
  • 16. Maximum number of files that the user can download per day, regardless of other settings
  • 17. Maximum number of simultaneously downloaded files
  • 18. Maximum number of uploaded images to each file
  • 19. The maximum size of each image in bytes
  • 20. The maximum size of the width in pixels
  • 21. The maximum size of the height in pixels
  • 22. Delay downloads (in seconds)
  • 23. Can resume downloads - Yes / No
  • 24. Can add files for sale - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 25. Can add tags to files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 26. The number of connections to the server (number of threads), exceeding which, the script will fail and further downloads would be impossible
    (for the download programs like Download Master, FlashGet, etc...)
    only works if such a program sends the referrer and cookie support
  • 27. Download speed limit (in bytes)

Moderator permissions in the Files Manager
  • 1. Can moderate files - Yes / No
  • 2. Can set a password on file - Yes / No
  • 3. Can moderate tags - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 4. Can upload files as other user - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 5. Can edit all files (Admin permissions) - Yes / No

5 Category permissions (Commercial version*)
The permissions are set separately for each category
  • 1. Can view files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 2. Can download files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 3. Can upload files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 4. Can upload images to files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 5. Can avoid moderation - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 6. Can edit own files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 7. Can delete own files - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 8. Can use search - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 9. Can add a link to the file - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 10. Can view the contents of the archive - Yes / No (Commercial version*)
  • 11. Can use SWFUploader - Yes / No (Commercial version*)

Additional features (Commercial version*)
  • 1. Permission Duplication Tools (Commercial version*)
  • 2. Permissions Quick Editor (Commercial version*)
  • 3. Quick Category Permission Setup (Commercial version*)

6 Access to the categories, files
  • 1. In the Category page will be checked user permissions in this Category, as well as ask for a password if it is set in the admin panel for this category
  • 2. When user request a file (click "Download" button) will checked the password for the category in which this file is located
* Note: Administrators who has access to the control panel administrator password prompt does not apply

7 Statistics
  • 1. In the sidebar - general statistics downloads, uploads and traffic
  • 2. Popular files (enables in the settings, by default - disabled)
  • 3. On the statistics page data per day
  • 4. Ability to enable graphical statistics (recorded statistics for the month)
  • 5. Statistics downloads/uploads, as well displayed in the user menu when viewing a thread (postbit)

8 Media Player
  • 1. Play / view media files: mp3, mp4, flv, iflv, f4a, f4v, mov
  • 2. Ability to view SWF movie (disabled by default)

9 Add a link to the file
  • 1. Add a link to a file into textarea of a quick replay from popup window with one click
If the user has files (must have the status "Approved"), uploaded to Files Manager
will be displayed list of these files

10 BB-Codes
1. BB-Codes List:
  • DLAUDIO - Mediaplayer with audio content
  • DLVIDEO - Mediaplayer with video content
  • DLMEDIA - Mediaplayer with mediacontent from the services like YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc... (Commercial version*)
  • DLDOWN - Link to file with detailed information about file in the AJAX window
  • DLPLAYLIST - Playlist of mediafiles from Files Manager (Commercial version*)
  • DLIMGROTATOR - Flash ImageRotator (if images uploaded to file) (Commercial version*)

vBulletin 3.8.4+

Library GD2+
ImageMagic (Imagic module installed to save animated .gif files) (Commercial version*)
PHP 5.2 (should work on older versions, but not tested)
MySQL 5 (on older versions not tested)

*Commercial version
Live DEMO:
Guest Category is open for download files end preview media content (audio/video files)
Demo - is a commercial version of Files Manager
NOTE!: Original product in Russian language
archive contain English translation in the folder do_not_upload/Lang/EN
Instructions to install Eng. language also in the archive
I do not have experience in translations, so this translation made by google-translate and some of my skills

Feel free to translate product to your language
if you want, i will add link to your translation to the first post

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

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  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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