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Old 08 Jul 2014, 05:49
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Need Help With CSS - should be easy!

Hello - firstly, I am so sorry if this is the wrong sections. Anyway, I was building up a vb forum a while ago (obviously), but halted due to moving to an area with no internet and personal issues, etc.
I have since had a baby and have baby brain so bad, I have forgotten all of my previous knowledge of CSS amongst other things and just can't compute what to do to finish things off any more without my brain burning out. =p

So what I wanted help with was someone just telling me simply from the screenshots I post, what that particular standard CSS attribute is in the Styles & Templates section of the adminCP is so that I may finish customising my theme. I have included a description of each image with the upload of them - please take care to read about each image. I remember before that I was playing around with colours and such and managed to perfect colours that I wanted for particular sections, but kind of ruined the display in other areas and made certain things unreadable. I made some things look kinda crap. Can someone please just outline for me what area coincides to what? Sorry, I'm so dopey at the moment.

Also, on a different topic, I made a test forum a few years ago (a free one) to see if I could do it and if people were interested. I want to reapply the avatars people had back then and also their post count. I know that you can do both manually on the users section in adminCP, but for some reason the several times I have attempted to do so, it has later reset to 0 posts and no avatar image for some reason? Help!

This is the colour design that I've chosen and really want to work with. This is the scheme I'd like to keep and reuse elsewhere on the forum, I don't want to change this at all if possible.

I like most of this part except the white section I've circled.

Here also I was the change the backgrounds to match the rest and also know what text is under what attribute.

I'd like to know what the individual attributes for both the text and the backgrounds are here. I especially hate this background colour.

Sorry for the trouble, I really should have done this while I still had half a brain left. =x
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Old 08 Jul 2014, 09:08
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The background of the description of a forum: blocksubhead_background
Text color of the description of a forum: blocksubhead_color

Background of the "Mark Forums Read" block: navlinks_background
Background of the "What's going on" block: secondarycontent_background
Text color of the "What's going on" block: secondarycontent_color

The userinfo part and the part below it: postbit_userinfo_background
The content area which contains the post of the user: postbit_background
Text color of the content area: postbit_color

Let's hope this will help you out.
I'm not sure about the second question you have.
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Old 08 Jul 2014, 10:33
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Try reading over this article,
You can get access to my 180 mods for vB 3.6 - 4.x at The Admin Zone as well as the professional support you are used to. New vBulletin Spider Definitions, vBulletin Spiders List Hits 1000 Spiders! ​ OzzModz down. Site has had a data breach, checking how the intrusion happened. Change your PW if you use the same one on my site and others.
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Old 12 Jul 2014, 07:42
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Real name: Amber
Thanks for the help, both of you. That was all I really needed. =3
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