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Old 12 May 2006, 17:35
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Originally Posted by NeighHorse09
Who the hell would actually expect to be picked on?
Me. I have very low self esteem.

Stop making fun of me.

I said stop.
Old 12 May 2006, 17:45
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I for one am very greatful for all the hacks I've used.

Love and support one another #vote2020
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Old 12 May 2006, 17:52
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Wow. Thats a hit for .org - you're talent is going to be missed by many around here.

I don't bother bobbing round much anymore. My work torturing small animals and selling commercial scripts (many feel that the later is actually more cruel) keeps me pretty busy and you summed it up pretty well: Its just not the same kind of place anymore.
There are fewer and fewer contributors and even less people that actually read instructions about free modifications before slapping the reply button about.
  • The hack db will never see the light of day because it isn't important enough.
  • The discussions of a commercial directory listing for customers is dead (wasn't it always?) because it isn't important enough (that is - unless its a freaking skin - but don't get me started there!).
  • What customers gauge as important is not always what is viewed as important to the powers that be.

I think it would be a great idea for Jelsoft to host a think tank session with staff, coders and users on ways to improve the site. I also think it would be a good idea to have a couple PAID employees for .org. Volunteers only have so much time, patience and ability.

Good luck to you - you don't need it though with your skills though
Old 12 May 2006, 23:22
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Real name: Kerry-Anne (really!)
Good Luck LiveWire.

I totally am with you on this. There is a line, and it gets crossed a lot. Coders are people, and yet I know stray dogs that get treated better (a metaphor, not a dig at anyone inparticular). It's only a matter of time before all the experienced exceptional coders are gone, and why?, because of the state of things.

I'm not saying anything else on the subject as I don't want to start a flame war, but I'm sure there are those who feel me (not literally!), and those who just think I'm either crazy or talking jibberish.
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Old 12 May 2006, 23:23
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And those of us that know you are crazy

Old 13 May 2006, 00:36
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Originally Posted by NeighHorse09
Who the hell would actually expect to be picked on?
I don't think Tony meant it in the literal sense. Any time a member makes a suggesting there is a chance that it will be criticized by members and/or staff; sometimes it is well received. It's like hitting the jackpot. There are no fixed numerical or time intervals. I do give credit, however, to Paul M and Tony for squashing any differences (they may have had) in a diplomatic manner.

Now there will always be at least two sides to any issue. How you may perceive things may hold true for you but not for the other. Try to look at things from outside the bubble and you may see the world differently.

After this phase of bringing out the concerns I'd like to see some solutions in this community rather than looking elsewhere (i.e., Jelsoft). If we're ever going to get a grip on things we need to start looking internally.

Last edited by Freesteyelz; 13 May 2006 at 00:38.
Old 13 May 2006, 01:11
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I agree with you Ken... It is the reason I have not been around here lately... Also the reason why vBCast hasn't released something recently. If you do not get treated with respect, you do not want to give respect.
Old 13 May 2006, 02:07
john1744 john1744 is offline
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I know that I am very new, but I really dislike this site but only visit because of the great contributions that have been made by people on this site.

It seems as lately more and more coders are simply releasing mods that benefit themselves and usually slap a "not supported" slogan on the hack. While this is all good, it really discourages people who honestly do not quite get code.

I have a couple hundred posts, but I do not understand the programming languages. I enjoy and am grateful for the codes released, but as a new user I see one of those great little hacks that does just what I wanted, but if I have an issue and a coder wishes not to support it, I simply get verbally slapped and told with 200 posts surely by now I would know how to work out the problem.

The attitude at this site is honestly one of the worst I've experienced in help, I'm really appalled with it compared to the great support one usually receives at, most of the time when someone replies their, the responses are quick, but very friendly. I just don't get that here.

As much as refers users here, you would think they would take a MUCH more active role in the way things work around here.

I don't know I just wouldn't be too proud of this site if I was running it.

Sorry, this sites just never appealed to me but its resources and users are invaluable to vBulletin.
Old 13 May 2006, 03:36
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I have to say. sore attitudes are the reason that so many people don't like it here. Theres nothing stoping any one of you from taking time to attempt to fix the problems youself. Lots of people just complain but don't attacking take a part in the community. I understand not everyone wants to or has the ability to learn how to code, but that doesn't stop you from searching or helping others who might have been in the same boat as you. This is a community, everyone needs to do their own share and continbute what they can.

I also think that no only the users who come here to get hacks are to blame, but the coders who keep making it more and mroe easy and thus no one learns anything. The smart get smarter and the less smart never advance. "In the day" people were told to search and try fixing it themselfs. People came here expecting to have to do some dirty work in order to get their sites working.

This resource is here for people who wish to modify the way vBulletin works. Not a place to come and just get some hacks and be on your way. Its like a bittorrent site, people should just be able to leach, people should attempt to give back when possible.

We reffer people here when they _want_ a feature thats not in vBulletin, or they want it now and cannot wait for the next version. We cannot support third party code, but we try to make a place for people to work together and get the new features they want and desire. If you yourself are not willing to search and help others why should anyone give back to you?
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Old 13 May 2006, 04:04
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Although the syntax sucks in your statement, it was well said, sir.
Old 13 May 2006, 04:12
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Welp, I find myself here chiming in LOL. Anyhow. I just wanted to chime my .02 in. I love this site and what it's about. I CAN tell you that I can and will do WITHOUT the drama(atho, find myself typing in some drama). I completely appreciate the coders here and everything they have brought to me and my board...what the HECK would I do without them?? Even though I am not well versed coder, I am learning. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN HERE. The hacks here are worth a TON to me. I would pay for subscribing to this site if I had to. I pay by purchasing many vB lics and hitting the "install" button to support the coders here.

I see some super talented coders here. I wish there was a section here where the coders who "wanted to sell" their hacks could offer them. Take the vBgeek as an example. His codes are sweeeeet, so he then branched off the ORG and took it commercial. I gladly paid for a hack from his site. The support was friggen PIMP!

To sum it up, Livewire's hacks are unsurpassed. Please don't go, but if you do go and continue to code it up, please let us know where

Thanks to all and that includes everyone(plus props to the staff) THE ORG.
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Old 13 May 2006, 04:40
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You are a forgiving man, Boofo. :lick:

Old 13 May 2006, 05:16
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You're very talented. I more than agree if you feel that you and your work is not getting the respect you deserve than it's not worth your effort to stay.
Former Staff Member

- Roms, \m/ Rock on!

"We are the vBorg. You will be assimilated!"

Please do not contact me via PM or E-Mail to answer questions about a modification, please use the relevant thread or forum. I don't do custom work.

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Old 13 May 2006, 07:43
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Originally Posted by LiveWire
Tony, I don't think you fully understand my first post. This has nothing to do with suggested features being turned down. The atmosphere around here just hasn't felt right for along time.
I can't help but feel that is because of what's happening in this specific forum. =/
Old 13 May 2006, 07:54
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Originally Posted by Paul M
I don't actually expect to be picked on

Whether you mean it or not, you cannot deny that you appear to have picked on a number of my posts recently and responded to them in a unfriendly manner - people have noticed this and a few have commented both in public and private - as I recall an administrator recently apologised about comments in a previous thread.

However, you state that it's not personal, and I'm happy to leave it at that. There is no benefit to anyone in a slanging match.

To Ken, I'm sorry you feel the need to leave, I hope that any disagreement between Tony and myself is not a contributing reason.
Picked on was maybe the wrong word but you expect the staff to reply and not always says "Great idea!"

I am happy to admit that some of my posts to your suggestions can come across as unfriendly and I don't have an excuse for that. And I've never denied that, all I denied was that I had some hate towards you. Sometimes you suggest the same thing over and over, sometimes you don't realise why one of your suggestions is unreasonable when I can, there are lots of factors. I try my absolute best to be as professional and friendly as possible but there is always that line. But I'm glad you at least accept that they aren't personal attacks. I'm just doing my job around here, and it's better than suggestions going unreplied to.

Being professional isn't always about being nice and accepting abuse without doing anything back. To me, professional comes through suggestions just being listened to, discussed by the staff and with members and a final decision being posted. I hope people see that too. I don't see how this amounts to coders being treated like stray dogs. And this site looking professional isn't just about the staff but the members too. Fueling arguments, abusing staff etc. doesn't make this place look any better and it doesn't make the atmosphere any friendlier. If members feel the atmosphere around here isn't as good as it used to be, you guys will need to do the work too to make it a better place, because its negative attitudes and threads like this which ruin it.

Last edited by Tony G; 13 May 2006 at 07:58.
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